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1. Women, Peace and Security and the 2022 National Security Strategy

2. ASEAN's medium- to long-term trade strategies and the direction of RoK-ASEAN cooperation

3. Network and Text Analysis on Digital Trade Agreements

4. China's Green Transition Policies and Its Implications for Korea

5. Strategies of Multinational Companies Entering China in the Era of U.S.-China Competition and Implications for Korea

6. Health of nations: How Europe can fight future pandemics

7. Let a thousand contacts bloom: How China competes for influence in Bulgaria

8. Principled pragmatism: Europe’s place in a multipolar Middle East

9. Byting back: The EU’s digital alliance with Latin America and the Caribbean

10. Time to Leave China’s “16+1” Influence Trap

11. China’s Evolving Approach to Foreign Aid

12. Xi Jinping Seeks Stability: The 20th National Congress of the CCP

13. China between lockdowns and the 20th Party Congress: What can we expect for the EU and globally?

14. US-China geoeconomic rivalry intensifies: A risk or an opportunity for European companies?

15. Central Bank Digital Currencies and the implications for the global financial infrastructure: The transformational potential of Russia’s digital rouble and China’s digital renminbi

16. Russia’s connectivity strategies in Eurasia: Politics over economy

17. China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Successful economic strategy or failed soft-power tool?

18. How to Respond to China’s Growing Influence in the Gulf

19. Ukraine and China: Russian Invasion and After

20. Why China’s Zero Covid Strategy Might Underwrite China’s High-Quality Development and Common Prosperity Agendas – At Home and Away