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1. Women, Peace and Security and the 2022 National Security Strategy

2. ASEAN's medium- to long-term trade strategies and the direction of RoK-ASEAN cooperation

3. Network and Text Analysis on Digital Trade Agreements

4. China's Green Transition Policies and Its Implications for Korea

5. Strategies of Multinational Companies Entering China in the Era of U.S.-China Competition and Implications for Korea

6. Beijing Winter Olympics 2022: Sports, Law, and Policies

7. For a new European growth strategy

8. US-China Roundtable on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

9. The Development Response to Kleptocracy and Strategic Corruption

10. Sanctions, SWIFT, and China’s Cross-Border Interbank Payments System

11. How China’s Human Capital Impacts Its National Competitiveness

12. Bridging U.S.-Led Alliances in the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific: An Inter-theater Perspective

13. Who Leads China's 5G Technology Ecosystem? A Network Analysis of China's Cooperation on Association Standards

14. Analysis of Chinese Response Patterns to Diplomatic Friction and Its Influencing Factors

15. China's New Trade Strategy amid US-China Confrontation and Implications

16. The Effects of Increased Trade with China and Vietnam on Workers’ Earnings and Job Security in Korea

17. Securing Asia’s Subsea Network U.S. Interests and Strategic Options

18. The Sino-Lithuanian Crisis: Going beyond the Taiwanese Representative Office Issue

19. What do we know about cyber operations during militarized crises?

20. When the State Becomes the Only Buyer: Monopsony in China’s Public Procurement of Medical Technology

21. The war in Ukraine and the future of Russia-China relations

22. The rise of China and NATO’s new Strategic Concept

23. Global Value Chains, Risk Perception, and Economic Statecraft

24. Maximizing the Benefits of Trade for Africa

25. Biden and Trade at Year One: The Reign of Polite Protectionism

26. Policy Experimentation in China: The Political Economy of Policy Learning

27. China: An Economic and Political Outlook for 2022

28. Raising the Curtain on China’s 20th Party Congress: Mechanics, Rules, “Norms,” and the Realities of Power

29. 2022, Xi Jinping’s Annus Horribilis: Or is it?

30. China’s Rise and U.S. Defense Implications

31. Forging European Unity on China: The Case of Hungarian Dissent

32. Ukraine: Toward a Prolonged War of Attrition Fuelling Great Power Competition

33. Economic Equidistance is Not an Option: Germany and the US-Chinese Geo-Economic Conflict

34. Japan's "Economic Security" Measures

35. Promoting the Euro – Countering Secondary Sanctions: Germany Should Push to Complete Monetary Union

36. The Economics of Great Power Competition: Why Germany Must Step Up on Defense

37. China’s Global Vision Vacuum: An Opportunity and Challenge for Europe

38. Ending Primacy to End U.S. Wars

39. The Folly of Pushing South Korea Toward a China Containment Strategy

40. Development Competition is Heating Up: China’s Global Development Initiative and the G7 Partnership for Infrastructure and Global Alliance on Food Security

41. Memo on an "Economic Article 5" to Counter Authoritarian Coercion

42. Health of nations: How Europe can fight future pandemics

43. Let a thousand contacts bloom: How China competes for influence in Bulgaria

44. Principled pragmatism: Europe’s place in a multipolar Middle East

45. Byting back: The EU’s digital alliance with Latin America and the Caribbean

46. Time to Leave China’s “16+1” Influence Trap

47. China’s Evolving Approach to Foreign Aid

48. Xi Jinping Seeks Stability: The 20th National Congress of the CCP

49. China between lockdowns and the 20th Party Congress: What can we expect for the EU and globally?

50. US-China geoeconomic rivalry intensifies: A risk or an opportunity for European companies?