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1. Economic Security in Emerging Markets: A Look at India, Vietnam, and Indonesia

2. Green New Deal for Carbon-neutrality and Open Trade Policy in Korea

3. Securing Asia’s Subsea Network U.S. Interests and Strategic Options

4. China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Successful economic strategy or failed soft-power tool?

5. New Dynamism in ASEAN and East Asia: The Role of the RCEP as a ‘Living’ Agreement

6. China's Ties with Southeast Asia : From Green Shoots to Sustained Recovery

7. Curbing State-Driven Trade Policies: How to Craft New & Effective Approaches to Counter Distortive Practices

8. Remolding China’s ‘Empty’ Belt and Road Initiative: An Opportunity for the EU

9. The Economic Effects of Multinational Corporation Withdrawal and Policy Implications

10. Potential Implications of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to India-South Korea Bilateral Trade Ties

11. A World Dividing: The International Implications of the Sino-American Rift

12. Chinese Leadership and the Future of BRI: What Key Decisions Lie Ahead?

13. Chinese Investments in the US and EU Are Declining—for Similar Reasons

14. Expo promotes high-quality development

15. More than meets the eye in ROK ceding developing economy status

16. China Responds to Trade Tensions Responsibly

17. “Triple punch” policies to bring years of trade tensions

18. China will further open up but not due to US pressure

19. Showing Up Is Not Enough: Trump’s First 100 Days in the Asia-Pacific

20. Many Belts and Many Roads: The Proliferation of Infrastructure Initiatives in Asia

21. An Assessment of the Korea-China Free Trade Agreement

22. Unconventional Monetary Policy, Spillovers, and Liftoff: Implications for Northeast Asia

23. The ASEAN Economic Community: What Stands in the Way?

24. Japan's New Security Policy: Breaking Away from the Post–War Regime?

25. EU-Russia: overcoming stagnation

26. ASEAN Centrality and the ASEAN-US Economic Relationship

27. Flexible Implementation: A Key to Asia's Transformation

28. China's Long March Toward Economic Rebalancing

29. The Eurasian Customs Union: the economics and the politics

30. China's energy demands: are they reshaping the world?

31. Should Korea Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

32. The Asia-Pacific Cooperation Agenda: Moving from Regional Cooperation Toward Global Leadership,

33. Understanding Differences in Growth Performance in Latin America and Developing Countries between the Asian and Global Financial Crises

34. Wildlife Poaching: Africa's Surging Trafficking Threat

35. China needs to complement its "going-out" policy with a "going-in" strategy

36. Going Beyond Economic Engagement: Why South Korea Should Press the North on Labor Standards and Practices

37. Alternatives to Currency Manipulation: What Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong Can Do

38. Keeping the Peace in the Pacific: The Next Steps in American Policy

39. Power Shift and Renminbi Internationalization: Recommendations for the G20

40. The Role of Europe in Enhancing Cooperative Security in Asia and the Pacific: A View from Japan

41. Impact of China‐Africa Investment Relations: The Case of Ethiopia

42. The Impact of China‐Africa Investment Relations: The Case of Madagascar

43. The Impact of China‐Africa Trade Relations: The Case of the Republic of Congo

44. The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Asia-Pacific Integration: Policy Implications

45. Inward foreign direct investment: Does it enable or constrain domestic technology entrepreneurship?

46. To Stay Ahead of China, Stay Engaged in Asia

47. U.S.-China Competition in Asia: Legacies Help America

48. All Roads Lead to the Indian Ocean

49. A Regional Approach to WMD Nonproliferation in the Asia-Pacific

50. A New Framework for US-China Economic Relations

51. ASEAN in the Global Economy- An Enhanced Economic and Political Role

52. Liberalization of Trade in Services: Toward a Harmonized ASEAN++ FTA

53. Toward a Consolidated Preferential Tariff Structure in East Asia: Going beyond ASEAN+1 FTAs

54. Trade Facilitation: The Way Forward for ASEAN and Its FTA Partners

55. Security developments in East Asia: what implications for the EU?

56. Benevolent Benefactor or Insensitive Regulator? Tracing the Role of Government Policies in the Development of India's Automobile Industry

57. China in the Pacific: the new banker in town

58. Rising to the occasion

59. Turkey and Taiwan: The Relationship Seeking Its Ground

60. Toward Greater Pragmatism? China\'s Approach to Innovation and Standardization

61. Fragmentation and Changes in the Asian Trade Network

62. The Economic Consequences of Shifting Away From Nuclear Energy

63. Prospects for Implementing the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement

64. Indonesia and Australia: time for a step change

65. Can Asia Learn from Brazil's Agricultural Success?

66. Deepening East Asian Economic Integration in Services

67. Comprehensive Asia Development Plan and Beyond -Growth Strategies for More Prosperous and Equitable East Asia

68. The Future of the Chiang Mai Initiative: An Asian Monetary Fund?

69. While global FDI falls, China's outward FDI doubles

70. The Global Economic Crisis and Its Implications for Asian Economic Cooperation

71. A New Geography of Knowledge in the Electronics Industry? Asia\'s Role in Global Innovation Networks

72. Pacific Asia and the Asia Pacific: The Choices for APEC

73. China's Changing Outbound Foreign Direct Investment Profile: Drivers and Policy Implications

74. Why Is the East Asia Industrial Corridor Needed?

75. Food Issues and Regional Cooperation in Dynamic East Asia

76. Trade Facilitation in the ASEAN Economic Community

77. Breaking the Suicide Pact: U.S.–China Cooperation on Climate Change

78. EU Trade Policy: Approaching a Crossroads

79. An EU-Korea Free Trade Area: Playing Catch-Up or Taking the Lead?

80. China's Economic Rise -- Fact and Fiction

81. So what? Matching policy to Australian interests in West Asia

82. Multitrack Integration in East Asian Trade: Noodle Bowl or Matrix?

83. China and the Depreciating U.S. Dollar

84. The Doha Round after Hong Kong

85. What Could Go Wrong?

86. Comments on China as a Regional Player

87. Taiwan In Search of a Strategic Consensus

88. Banking Crises in East Asia: The Price Tag of Liberalization?

89. Oxfam Publishing: No Soft Landing: As China opens its markets, US subsidies are making life hard for cotton farmers

90. Oxfam Publishing: Mind the Gap: Countdown to Viet Nam's Accession to the WTO

91. Is the IMF business model still valid?

92. A Currency Basket for East Asia, Not Just China

93. China and the World Economy Workshop. Conference Summary

94. China as Producer: Chinese Industry After 25 Years of Reform

95. China as Consumer

96. China as Employer and Consumer: Economic Outlook for the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010)

97. Hu Jintao's Outbox

98. The international economy in 2003: managing economic imbalances in an integrated world

99. China Bashing 2004

100. Asian Oil Market Outlook: Role of the Key Players