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51. Governance through Civil Society Engagement in Asia

52. Measuring Eco-Innovation

53. Governance through Civil Society Engagement in Asia

54. Post-Conflict Countries and Foreign Investment

55. The Human Rights Regime in the Americas

56. Can We Eradicate Hunger?

57. Poverty Reduction in China: Is High Growth Enough?

58. Legality and Legitimacy in International Order

59. Food Safety and Trade Liberalization in an Age of Globalization

60. Protracted Refugee Situations and Peacebuilding

61. Linking Globalization to Poverty

62. Measuring Human Well-being: Key Findings and Policy Lessons

63. War in Our Time: Reflections on Iraq, Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction

64. The Significance of Transport Costs in Africa

65. Stranger than Fiction? Understanding Institutional Changes and Economic Development

66. Religious Perspectives on the Use of Force

67. Building the Rule of Law under UN Transitional Administration

68. The Impact of Spoilers on Peace Processes and Peacebuilding

69. The Ethical Challenges of International Human Rights NGOs

70. Foreign Direct Investment: Key Issues for Promotion Agencies

71. Mobilizing Talent for Global Development

72. International Criminal Accountability and Children's Rights

73. Fiscal Policy for Poverty Reduction, Reconstruction, and Growth

74. Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Transport Alternatives: Issues for Developing Countries

75. Open Source and Open Standards: A New Frontier for Economic Development?

76. Reforming from the Top - A Leaders' 20 Summit

77. Regulating Bioprospecting: Institutions for Drug Research, Access and Benefit-Sharing

78. Rising Spatial Disparities and Development

79. New Sources of Development Finance: Funding the Millenium Development Goals

80. Sustainability of External Development Financing to Developing Countries

81. Poverty, International Migration and Asylum

82. e-development? Development and the New Economy

83. Africa's Recovery from Conflict: Making Peace Work for the Poor

84. Work In Progress: Introducing the UNU Inter-Linkages Initiative: Focusing on the Implementation of Sustainable Development

85. Work In Progress: The Peace and Governance Programme: At the Interface of Ideas and Policy

86. Governing Globalization: Issues and Institutions

87. Inequality, Growth and Poverty in the Era of Liberalization and Globalization

88. Access to Land and Land Policy Reforms

89. Social and Economic Policies to Prevent Complex Humanitarian Emergencies