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1. The Digital Economy Partnership Agreement: Should Canada Join?

2. Third Party Record Exemptions in Canada’s Access to Information Act

3. The First Space-Cyber War and the Need for New Regimes and Policies

4. A Two-Track Approach for Trustworthy AI

5. Lending to Defaulters: The IMF Updates Its Lending into Arrears Policy

6. Protecting Freedom of Thought in the Digital Age

7. An Emerging Opportunity for Recovery: “Modern Markets for All”

8. Designing Institutional Collaboration into Global Governance

9. Designing and Regulating Retail Digital Currencies

10. Digital RMB: A Possible Way to Reassert Data Control in the Digital Economy

11. he Canadian Election Template: Stronger Elections at Home, Stronger Canada Abroad

12. Closed Shops: Opening Canada's Legal Profession to Foreign-educated Lawyers

13. Trump and the IMF

14. Operationalizing the Blue Economy in Small States: Lessons from the Early Movers

15. Flood Risk and Shared Responsibility in Canada: Operating on Flawed Assumptions?

16. Evaluating the Need for Pipelines: A False Narrative for the Canadian Economy

17. Strengthening the Debt Sustainability Framework for Caribbean Small States

18. Starting the Dialogue on Climate Engineering Governance: A World Commission

19. A Sustainable Ocean Economy, Innovation and Growth: A G20 Initiative

20. Restructuring Sovereign Debt: An English Law Opportunity

21. Issues in Bringing Canadian Fintech to the International Stage

22. Can Canada Step into the Breach? Addressing Climate-related Financial Risk and Growing Green Finance

23. Assessing the Governance Practices of Sustainability Reporting

24. Does the Level of Public Debt Matter?

25. Developing the Blue Economy in Caribbean and Other Small States

26. Have Macroeconomic Rules of the Game Changed? Some Clues from the Phillips Curve

27. Growth, Innovation and COP 21: The Case for New Investment In Innovation Infrastructure

28. Uncovering the Implications of the Paris Agreement: Climate Change as a Catalyst for Transformative Sustainability in Cities

29. Assessing the Governance Practices of Sustainability Reporting

30. Education 3.0 and Internet Governance: A New Global Alliance for Children and Young People’s Sustainable Digital Development

31. Definitional Issues in the Sustainability Analysis Framework: A Proposal

32. Identifying and Resolving Inter-creditor and Debtor-Creditor Equity Issues in Sovereign Debt Restructuring

33. Further Reform of Sovereign Debt Restructuring: An Agenda for 2015

34. The Arctic Council Leadership Merry-go-round: Words of Advice as the United States Assumes the Arctic Council Chairmanship

35. How China Can Help Lead a Global Transition to Clean Energy

36. Preparedness Rather Than Response: A Strategy to Prevent the Next Ebola Crisis

37. Consent within Consultation: Incorporating New Business Practices in the Extraction Industry

38. Increasing Access to Medicines: Leveraging Brazil’s Experience

39. The Case for Intellectual Property Rights: Should Patents Be Strengthened, Weakened or Abolished Altogether?

40. The 2015 Survey of Progress in International Economic Governance

41. The Case for Intellectual Property Rights: Should Patents Be Strengthened, Weakened or Abolished Altogether?

42. The 2015 Survey of Progress in International Economic Governance

43. Ukraine and the IMF's Evolving Debt Crisis Narrative

44. Growth, Innovation and Trade in Environmental Goods

45. Global Treaty or Subnational Innovation? Canada's Path Forward on Climate Policy

46. Conflict Zones, Israel and Diaspora Perspectives in Canadian Foreign Policy

47. Global Sustainability, Climate Change and Finance Policy: A South African Perspective

48. Assessing Scientific Legitimacy: The Case of Marine Geoengineering

49. Populist Movements: A Driving Force behind Recent Renationalization Trends

50. Toward SDG 2: Food Security and Urbanization in the Global South