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401. Eurocentrism in Samuel P. Huntington’s Concept of the Clash of Civilisations

402. The Role of Think Tanks in Actions for Defence Diplomacy. An Example of Poland

403. How Has the Coronavirus Affected Polish Criminal Law?

404. Exploratory Study upon Military Leadership in the 21st Century. What Are Skills and Knowledge Required for Leadership Success?

405. "I Am Not Going”: Determinants of Social Activity before Poland’s Ghost Election

406. The Russian Federation Dominance in the International Security Environment

407. Social Credit System in the People’s Republic of China. Theoretical Assumption and Implementation

408. Artificial Intelligence v. Personal Data

409. What Next for Climate and Security at the UN Security Council: Ireland's View

410. Reframing U.S. Military Strategy Toward Africa

411. The Digital Asset Battlefield Between the United States and China

412. Big Power Competition in the Indian Ocean: Will Economic or Strategic Logic Prevail?

413. War on Corruption

414. India's Regional Connectivity and Indo-Pacific Partnerships

415. Stagnant Things: The Department of Defense's Response to Information Warfare

416. Sanctions Run Amok – The Undermining of U.S. Power

417. The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy: A Conversation with Matthew Kroenig

418. The Exhaustion of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Dysfunctional Constitutional Regime

419. Assessing Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Initiatives Across the West – Lessons Learned

420. The War on Terror Continues

421. The Terrorism of Tomorrow is Already Here

422. News Media and its Influence on the American Debate over War and Peace

423. The Relationship between Energy Security, Exports and Economic Growth: The Case of the Middle East Countries

424. What makes democracy possible? Transitions in Egypt and Tunisia after the Arab Uprisings

425. Turkey's Growing Role as a Security Actor in Somalia: Dynamics and Motivations

426. Corruption, FDI, and Trade Freedom Relationship Between Turkey and Latin American Countries

427. Motives behind Social Media Use: A Theoretical Assessment

428. China Makes a Move in the Middle East: How Far Will Sino-Arab Strategic Rapprochement Go?

429. Finland and the Demise of China’s Polar Silk Road

430. An International Lifeline: Taiwan’s Parliamentary Outreach

431. The Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway and the Future of the Belt and Road Initiative

432. Will Mass Protests Force Xi to Change Course on Zero-COVID?

433. Meloni at the Helm: What Does Italy’s New Government Mean for Sino-Italian Relations?

434. The Long Shadow of the 1962 War and the China-India Border Dispute

435. China’s Economy: More Debt than Meets the Eye

436. China Increases Support for Pakistan’s Naval Modernization with an Eye on the Indian Ocean

437. The Russia-Ukraine War: Has Beijing Abandoned Pragmatic Diplomacy?

438. Can Beijing be Flexible on U.S. Policy?

439. The Ukraine Crisis and China-India Relations

440. Exploring the Domestic Foundations of Chinese Economic Sanctions: The Case of Australia

441. China’s Interests in Afghanistan One Year After the U.S. Withdrawal

442. The Economic Outlook for Xi’s Third Term: Mounting Challenges, Dwindling Fiscal and Monetary Options

443. All the President’s Men – Corruption in the Xi Jinping Era

444. Will the Xi Jinping Leadership Take Up Reformist Policies After the 20th Party Congress?

445. The Russia-India-China Trilateral After Ukraine: Will Beijing Take the Lead?

446. Beijing Makes a Big Long-term Bet on Nuclear Power

447. With an Eye on Tibet, China Reacts Warily to Warming U.S.-Nepal Ties

448. Security Dialogues with Chinese Characteristics

449. The Real U.S.-China 5G Contest is Just Getting Started

450. China’s Shifting Approach to Alliance Politics

451. Will the China-Pakistan Corridor Get a Boost with a New Government in Islamabad?

452. No Choice but to Lie Flat: Youth Unemployment Surges in China

453. 16 + 1: China’s Push Into Central and Eastern Europe Loses Momentum

454. Unemployment Monitoring and Early Warning: New Trends in Xinjiang’s Coercive Labor Placement Systems

455. The Enemy of My Friend Remains My Friend: China’s Ukraine Dilemma

456. China and Sri Lanka’s Debt Crisis: Belt and Road Initiative Blowback

457. Mongolia’s Currency Crisis: Made in China?

458. Another Potemkin Visit? Rethinking the UN Human Rights Chief’s Upcoming Trip to Xinjiang

459. Future Global Policeman? The Growing Extraterritorial Reach of PRC Law Enforcement

460. The Storms to Come: China and Natural Disasters

461. China’s 2022 Defense Budget: Behind the Numbers

462. China and the Ongoing Political Crisis in Pakistan

463. The Beijing Olympics in Retrospect: An Anti-Human Rights Politics Machine

464. Organized Crime on the Belt and Road

465. Why Beijing Wants the Dalai Lama to Reincarnate

466. China and Russia: Shackled to a Corpse?

467. City of Vice: Macau, Gambling, and Organized Crime in China

468. Gay in the PLA: Chinese Military Views on Homosexuals Serving in the Armed Forces

469. China and Pakistan: Strains in the All-Weather Partnership?

470. What is at Stake in China-Bhutan Boundary Negotiations?

471. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Hits Bottom in Balochistan

472. China-Lithuania Tensions Boil Over Taiwan

473. The U.S.-China Perception Gap: A Recipe for Disaster?

474. A Bitter Winter: Omicron Tests the Limits of China’s Zero-COVID Approach

475. Questioning Multilateralism: Conceptual Re-Evaluation and the Decline in the Western Multilateral Order

476. The "European Refugee Crisis" As The Crisis of Liberal Tolerance: Three Modalities of Liberal Exclusion

477. Different Theoretical Perspectives to Secularization and the Impact of Migration on Future Religiosity of Europe

478. Analysis of the Short-Term and Long-Term Impacts of the Coronavirus Crisis on International Climate Policyt

479. Child Maltreatment & Child Migration: Abuse Disclosures by Central American and Mexican Unaccompanied Migrant Children

480. Education as an Opportunity for Integration: Assessing Colombia, Peru, and Chile's Educational Responses to the Venezuelan Migration Crisis

481. 2020 American Community Survey: Use with Caution, An Analysis of the Undercount in the 2020 ACS Data Used to Derive Estimates of the Undocumented Population

482. Examining the Impact of Community Sponsorship on Early Refugee Labor Market Outcomes in the United States

483. Migrating through the Corridor of Death: The Making of a Complex Humanitarian Crisis

484. A Greener Pathway Ahead: Harnessing the Power of Collaboration and Conflict to Tackle Climate Change in Pakistan and India

485. ‘Climate Change and Political Letdown: Understanding Environmental Degradation through the Prisoner’s Dilemma.’

486. Strategic Triangle in the Indo-Pacific Region through Competition, Cooperation and Containment: Future of Maritime Power Posturing

487. Operation Neptune Spear and the Manhunt (Implications for Pakistan United States Counter Terrorism Synergism 2001-2020)

488. Linking Foreign Policy and Energy Security: Iran-Pakistan gas Pipeline

489. The Role of America in Crises Management: A Study of India- Pakistan Crises (2001-2019)

490. Pandemic Politics Through Social Media: A Study of India

491. An Econometric Approach on Money Laundering and Its Impact on Economic Growth (A Study of Pakistan)

492. Sexual Harassment at Workplaces: Problems and Solutions in a case study of Lahore

493. Nation-Building Process of Pakistan: Traditional and Non-Traditional Challenges

494. US-Shaped World Order and Pakistan: Past, Present and Future

495. Critical Event Analysis to Terrorism in an Emerging Economy of Pakistan

496. A Narrative of Debt Trap Vs Connectivity under CPEC: A Case of Gwadar Port

497. Impact of CPEC on Pakistan’s Economic Outlook

498. National Security: An Exception of Freedom of Speech

499. Pak-China Geostrategic Interdependence: Impact on Rising Economies of Asia

500. Affinity Networks and Hereditary Succession in the Political Parties and its Impact on the Federation of Pakistan