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13701. Intervention Au Colloque De New York University

13702. The Relationship Between France And The United States: Reflections for an American Audience

13703. Review Article: Making A Colonial Culture? Empire and the French Public, 1880-1940

13704. From Ravensbrück to Algiers and Noisy-le-Grand: Dialogues with Deportation

13705. Elections: Explaining the Timing of the French Socialist Party's Gender-Based Quota

13706. L'Autonomie corse face à l'individualisme de la République

13707. Mixité sociale et habitat des familles immigrées: Perspective historique

13708. What Do the French Think of Us? The Deteriorating Image of the United States, 2000-2004

13709. The Iraq Crisis and France: Heaven-Sent Opportunity or Problem from Hell?

13710. La Commission Stasi vue par un de ses membres

13711. Lifting the Veil

13712. U.S. Korea Security Alliance in Transition: A U.S. Perspective

13713. U.S.-Korea Security Alliance in Transition: A ROK Perspective

13714. Changing Inter-Korean Relations and the Impact on the U.S.-ROK Alliance

13715. The Changing Role Of China On The Korean Peninsula

13716. China's "Peaceful Rise:" Implications for US Interests in Korea

13717. The Impact of North Korea's WMD Programs on Regional Security and the ROK-U.S. Alliance

13718. Beyond Electoral Politics: US-ROK Alliance and the Six-Party Talks on North Korea

13719. The Impact of the 2004 National Assembly Elections on the Korean Economy

13720. Social-Cultural Changes in South Korea since 1991: An American View

13721. European Integration in the Light of the International Relations Theories

13722. The Realist Theory of the International Relations: Origin, Scope, Critique

13723. "East" and "West" from the Sociology of Knowledge Perspective

13724. Are Events in Iraq after the Occupation an Ordinary Security Problem?

13725. Future of the European Union: Problems of Legitimacy, Constitutionalisation, and the Ultimate Goal of European Integration

13726. North Korea's Nuclear Ambition: Causes and Consequences

13727. Future of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and China

13728. Hierarchy of Norms in the Primer Law during the European Contitutionalisation Process

13729. A Structural Theory of Imperialism

13730. Classical Geopolitical Theories in International Relations and Their Contemporary Interpretations

13731. Reform of the EC Competition Law and Analysis of the Modifications Achieved

13732. Political Conditionality of Economic Interactions in the Middle East; Turkey's Relations with Iran, Iraq, and Syria

13733. Foreign Policy of Islamic Republic of Iran towards Central Asia and Azerbaijan

13734. The Just War Concept: From Antiquity to Present

13735. A Structural Theory of Imperialism - Part II

13736. Chaos in Internationality, A Civilizational Evolution and an Islamic (F)actor: The Case of MÜSİAD in Turkey

13737. Globalization and International Relations Theory

13738. US Policies toward Central Asia and Effects of the September 11

13739. Resolution of The International Court of Juctice Concerning the Wall Constructed by Israel

13740. Security Society Revisited: From the Interdependece of Similarities to the Co-habitation of Differences

13741. Immanuel Wallerstein: Reapproaching Social Sciences

13742. Power and Systemic Dependence from Liberalism to Neoliberalism

13743. Globalization, Western Modernization and Terrorism: Political Islam Against the West

13744. US-Japan Security Treaties: Formation, Evolution and Consequences

13745. The Unique Evolution of the State in the Turkic Republics of the Caspian Sea

13746. Table of Contents

13747. Foreword

13748. Beginning Again: From Refugee to Citizen

13749. Educating Immigrant Youth in the United States: An Exploration of the Somali Case

13750. Local Lives, Transnational Ties, and the Meaning of Citizenship: Somali Histories and Herstories from Small Town America

13751. Somali Mental Health

13752. Experiences of Somali Entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities

13753. Transactions with Homeland: Remittance

13754. Poem: Qoriga u garwaaxshey asagoon sagalkii galin

13755. Appendix

13756. Foreword

13757. Violence, Amnesty and Transitional Law: "Private" Acts and "Public" Truth in South Africa

13758. Reconciliation in Post-Genocide Rwanda

13759. American Nationalism and U.S. Foreign Policy from September 11 to the Iraq War

13760. The Debate over North Korea

13761. Presidential Selection: Complex Problems and Simple Solutions

13762. Presidential Selection: Electoral Fallacies

13763. Misperceptions, the Media, and the Iraq War

13764. The Aral Sea Basin Crisis and Sustainable Water Resource Management in Central Asia

13765. Outsourcing Post-Conflict Operations: Designing a System for Contract Management and Oversight

13766. Too Good to be Legal? Network Centric Warfare and International Law

13767. Targeting the Leadership of Terrorist and Insurgents Movements: Historical Lessons for Contemporary Policy Makers

13768. Eastward Bound: The Strategy and Politics of Repositioning U.S. Military Bases in Europe

13769. Negotiating Survival: The Problem of Commitment in U.S.-North Korean Relations

13770. The Decolonization of Chechnya: Reviving the UN Trusteeship Council

13771. Litigation as a Tool for Development: The Environment, Human Rights, and the Case of Texaco in Ecuador.

13772. Corporate Crime in a Globalized Economy: An Examination of the Corporate Legal Conundrum and Positive Prospects for Peace

13773. L'Éléction présidentielle et les élections législatives françaises de 2002

13774. France's Double-Talk on Globalization

13775. Creating a Tourist's Paradise: The Marshall Plan and France, 1948 to 1952 [Dossier: Promoting American Tourism in Postwar France]

13776. Rudeness and Modernity: The Reception of American Tourists in Early Fifth-Republic France [Dossier: Promoting American Tourism in Postwar France]

13777. The Pacte Civile de Solidarité and the History of Sexuality [Dossier: The PaCS in Historical Perspective]

13778. Comment on Robert Nye's "The Pacte Civile de Solidarité and the History of Sexuality" [Dossier: The PaCS in Historical Perspective]

13779. Harvey Mansfield and Delba Winthrop's Democracy in America [Forum: Translating Tocqueville]

13780. Review Essay: Tocqueville entre l'ancien et le nouvel monde

13781. Constructing French-American Understanding: The Cultura Project

13782. If France Did Not Exist, Americans Would Have to Invent It

13783. The System of Francophobia

13784. American Francophobia Takes a New Turn

13785. A Turn-of-the-Century Honeymoon? The Washington Post's Coverage of France

13786. The Franco-American Novel of Literary Globalism: The Case of Diane Johnson

13787. Screening France

13788. Gopnik and Company: A Literature of Accommodation

13789. Catholic Culture in Interwar France

13790. Remembering the Battle of Paris: 17th October 1961 in French and Algerian Memory

13791. Réformer les retraites en France

13792. Humanisme et Terroir: The Culture of Genetically Modified Crops in France

13793. Le Système Politique français après les élections de 2002 en France: The Culture of Genetically Modified Crops in France

13794. Contradictions in the Carribbean: Martinique and the 2002 French National Elections

13795. Review Essay - Is the King Dead? Performing Sovereignty in the Modern Era

13796. Complete Issue

13797. The U.S. - Korea Alliance: Past, Present and Future

13798. Chinese-North Korean Relations at a Crossroads

13799. Russia's Response To The 2002-2003 North Korean Nuclear Crisis

13800. Nuclear Issues in U.S.-Korea Relations: An Uncertain Security Future