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13601. Francités, Islamités: Compositions citoyennes et religieuses des jeunes musulmans français d'origine maghrébine

13602. La Première Génération De Français De Confession Musulmane

13603. L'organisation De L'islam En France: l'exemple de la Fédération protestante peut-il être utile?

13604. Le Cfcm: Réalité et conditions de réussite

13605. The Politics Of Publishing During The Second Empire: The Trial of Madame Bovary Revisited

13606. Le Portugal De Salazar Et La Droite Extrême Française, 1928-1945

13607. Jospin, Political Cohabitation And Left Governance

13608. From Mondavi To Depardieu: The Global/Local Politics Of Wine

13609. Penser L'impensable: Le 11 Septembre Des Penseurs Français

13610. "Leur Histoire Est Notre Histoire": Immigrant Culture In France Between Visibility And Invisibility

13611. Anti-Americanisms In France

13612. Regulating Multiplexes: The French State between Corporatism and Globalization

13613. After GATT: Has The Revival of French Cinema Ended?

13614. French National Cinema and the Martial Arts Blockbuster

13615. Eloquent Fragments: French Fiction Film and Globalization

13616. Le Réel à l'attaque: French Documentary and Globalization

13617. Symptomatic Politics: The Banning of Islamic Head Scarves in French Public Schools

13618. Le référendum français de ratification du Traité constitutionnel européen du 29 mai 2005

13619. Review Essay: Uncle Sam And Marianne As Couple Infernal

13620. Toward A Richer Institutionalism for International Law and Policy

13621. The Relative Autonomy of International Law or The Forgotten Politics of Interdisciplinarity

13622. Identifying the Source and Nature of a State's Political Obligation Towards International Law

13623. Duelling Agendas: International Relations and International Law (Again)

13624. The Evolution of International Environmental Cooperation

13625. Rethinking International Environmental Regimes: What Role for Partnership Coalitions?

13626. Legitimacy in Global Environmental Governance

13627. The World Trade Organization in 2020

13628. Why Constitutionalism Now? Text, Context and the Historical Contingency of Ideas

13629. Critiquing the Critics of Economic Globalization

13630. When you Come to a Fork in the Road, Take it; Reflections on North American Integration: Regional and Multilateral

13631. Marriage and Civil Partnership for Same-Sex Couples: The International Imperative

13632. Canada is a Blue State: Global Jurisprudence and Domestic Consciousness in American Gay Rights Discourse

13633. We are the World? What United States Courts Can and Should Learn from the Law and Politics of Other Western Nations

13634. The West Bank Barrier Debate: Concept, Construction and Consequence

13635. A Sacred Trust of Civilization

13636. The Impact of the Advisory Opinion on Israel's Future Policy: International Relations Perspective

13637. The Law of Betrayal in the Wild West Bank

13638. The Roh Moo Hyun Government's Policy toward North Korea

13639. The Gaeseong Industrial Park and the Future of Inter-Korean Relations

13640. The North Korean Economy at a Crossroads: Problems and Prospects

13641. The ROK-US Alliance During the Bush and Roh Administrations: Differing Perspectives and Their Implications for a Changing Strategic Environment

13642. China and the Six-Party Talks: The New Turn to Mediation Diplomacy

13643. Russia's Interests and Objectives on the Korean Peninsula

13644. U.S.-North Korean Relations: From the Agreed Framework to the Six-party Talks

13645. Dealing with Pyongyang In Search of a More Effective Strategy

13646. Advancing Democracy for South Korea: Beyond Electoral Politics and Presidential Impeachment

13647. Protest and Democratic Consolidation: A Korean Perspective

13648. Political Implications of E-voting in Korea

13649. Understanding Anti-Americanism Among South Korean College Students

13650. ROK's Nuclear Experiments: A Successful Case of Alliance Management

13651. The South Korea-Chile Free Trade Agreement: Implications for Regional Economic Integration in East Asia

13652. The Regime Theories: Useful Frameworks for Analysing Human Rights Issues?

13653. Reasons for Supporting the EU Constitution

13654. Eurasian Alternative in Turkish Foreign Policy

13655. Caucasian Diaspora in Turkey and Its Impact on Turkish Foreign Policy

13656. Turkish – Armenian Relations in the Aftermath of the USSR

13657. Turkish-Tajik Relations After the Independence

13658. Power and Global Finance in the Framework of Neo-Gramscian Hegemony: The Great Transformation in Pax Britannica

13659. Liberal Republicanism, Multiculturalism and Demands for Cultural Democracy

13660. Turkey and the European Union: The Domestic Politics of Negotiating Pre-Accession

13661. Globalizing Uncertainty in the Sphere of Security: Turkey, Quo Vadis?

13662. The Middle East and Religious Fundamentalism as a Source of Identity-Based Conflicts

13663. Using Foreign Aid as a Foreign Policy Tool: The Case of Japan

13664. The Long Cycle of Global Politics and the Nation-State

13665. Rethinking Foreign Policy in Turkey as a Securitized Domain: The Case of Cyprus

13666. A Spectre Haunting Europe: The European Constitution, the Budget Crisis, and the Limits of Neoliberal Integration

13667. Strategic Importance of Eurasia for Turkey's Export-Oriented Economy Policies

13668. Turkish-Georgian Relations from Independence to Velvet Revolution

13669. Turkish-Israeli Strategic Cooperation From 1990's until Today

13670. "Center-periphery" Relations in the Study of International Relations: Where is Turkey?

13671. Complications of American Democracy: Elections Are Not Enough

13672. Why the Bush Doctrine Cannot Be Sustained

13673. What Political Institutions Does Large-Scale Democracy Require?

13674. The Implications of Leadership Change in the Arab World

13675. What Was the Cold War about? Evidence from Its Ending

13676. Moving Beyond Kosovo: Envisioning a Coherent Theory of Humanitarian Intervention

13677. A Case for Government-Sponsored Monitoring of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in the United States

13678. Revisiting Goldwarter v. Carter: The Executive’s Right to Rescind Treaties in Light of President Bush’s 2002 Termination of the ABM Treaty

13679. Decision-Making in Endangered Species Management

13680. Female Entrepreneurship and Business Consortiums: Prospective Solutions for Argentina’s Economic Challenges

13681. Engendering Property Rights: Women’s Insecure Land Tenure and its Implications for Development Policy in Kenya and Uganda

13682. Making Peace: Preventing and Responding to Sexual Exploitation by United Nations Peacekeepers

13683. Combating Proliferation: Addressing the Russian Nuclear Threat

13684. Reforming the Cotton Trade Order? An Analysis of Cotton Subsidies and Implications for Sustainable Development

13685. Openness, R&D, and Growth: Difference in Latin American and East Asian Policy and Political Economy

13686. Table of Contents

13687. Foreword

13688. Beginning Again: From Refugee to Citizen

13689. Educating Immigrant Youth in the United States: An Exploration of the Somali Case

13690. Local Lives, Transnational Ties, and the Meaning of Citizenship: Somali Histories and Herstories from Small Town America

13691. Somali Mental Health

13692. Experiences of Somali Entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities

13693. Transactions with Homeland: Remittance

13694. Poem: Qoriga u garwaaxshey asagoon sagalkii galin

13695. Appendix

13696. Foreword

13697. Violence, Amnesty and Transitional Law: "Private" Acts and "Public" Truth in South Africa

13698. Reconciliation in Post-Genocide Rwanda

13699. Fourastié avant Fourastié: La construction d'une légitimité d'expert

13700. Michel Leiris, French Anthropology, and a Side Trip to the Antilles