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1. The Impact of the Ukrainian-Russian War on Rwanda

2. Lessons Learned from the Development of Turkish IR: A View from Greece

3. Cultivating Credit: Financialized Urbanization Is Alienation!

4. Towards a Pax Cubana: revolution, socialism and development in Havana’s Cold War foreign policy

5. Competing Economic Visions in the Gulf

6. Building a Seaport in Gaza: Prospects, Challenges, and Opportunities

7. The Lynchpin of the Middle Corridor

8. Return and Recuperation Strategies on Returnees to Nigeria: The Libya Episode

9. Politico Legal Dynamics of Seaborne Piracy in the Pelagic Waters of South East Asia

10. Istanbul Journal of Economics: Volume 72 Issue 1

11. Estados Unidos y África. Historia de una no-política

12. China en África: Objetivos, instrumentos e implicaciones estratégicas

13. Türkiye’de Bölgelerarası Sosyo-Ekonomik Gelişmişlik Farklarının Azaltılmasına Yönelik Politikalar: Güneydoğu Anadolu Projesinin (GAP) İncelenmesi (Policies for Reducing Inter-Regional Disparities of Socio-Economic Development in Turkey: An Investigation of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP))

14. Restructuring Our Assistance in Least Developed Countries

15. The Real U.S.-China 5G Contest is Just Getting Started

16. China and Sri Lanka’s Debt Crisis: Belt and Road Initiative Blowback

17. Central and South Asia Economic Corridor in the Evolving Central Asian Geo-Political Circumstances

18. Paradoxes of Judicial Independence: Issues and Challenges of Constitutionalism in Pakistan

19. Through the Lenses of Morality and Responsibility: BRICS, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

20. Beyond Geopolitics: A Geoeconomic Perspective of China-Iran Belt and Road Initiative Relations

21. Building Bridges between Dependency Theory and Neo-Gramscian Critical Theory: The Agency-Structure Relation as a Starting Point

22. The New Global Context for Development: The Unravelling of Progress in the LDCs

23. China's Development Assistance to the Western Balkans and Its Impact on Democratic Governance and Decision-Making

24. Switching from Cash to Cashless Payments: Consumer Behavior Evidence From Kosovo

25. The United nations and Sustainable Development: UNDP in the Fight Against Poverty in Montenegro

26. The Reform of the Brazilian Anti-Dumping Regime: A Partial Review of the Determinants and the Implications of Degree 8,058/2013

27. The US Strategy for Short-Term Military Artificial Intelligence Development (2020-2030)

28. Can the Arab Region meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?

29. The UAE Art Scene: Challenges and Opportunities

30. A New Water Paradigm for Sub-Saharan Africa

31. Shaping Africa’s New Normal

32. The U.N. Climate Summit and Its Aftermath

33. A Climate Crisis in Africa: The Case of South Sudan

34. Manifestations of Chinese Development Aid and Its Hidden Meanings

35. Poland's Reason of State in the Creation of a New International Order. Foreign Policy as Poland's Reason of State in the 21st Century

36. United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Most Important Utilitarian Values. Social Security Approach

37. The Impact of Conflicts on Natural Resources – The Case of Sudanese Darfur Region

38. Cultural Security in Shaping the Generation of Civilizational Advancement Within the Universalization of Cultural Transformations. Based on Research Conducted in Samoa

39. “Reformed Multilateralism” at the United Nations

40. Sustainable Development of Chitral: A CPEC Perspective

41. New Thinking on Democracy at Home and Abroad

42. Powering Households and Empowering Women: The Gendered Effects of Electrification in sub-Saharan Africa

43. Technology Development of Digital Currency

44. Examining the Potential of Conditional Cash Transfer for Stemming Cape Flats Gang Violence: A Directional Policy Research Project

45. American Statesmanship: Contrasting Views of Leadership

46. The Effect of Exchange Rate and Oil Price on BIST Industrial Index: Cointegration and Causality Analysis

47. Neo-liberal Challanges and the Demise of Keynesian-Weberian State

48. Africa’s Strategies of Development and International Insertion: The Hybridity of Agenda 2063

49. The Power of Law and Justice: The Contribution of Latvia to the Global Development and Defense of Democracy

50. The USSR and its Influence on Developments in the Right to Self- Determination

51. Iraqi Police: A Hard Place Between State and Society

52. Pax Caucasia: Prospects of Peace and Cooperation in South Caucasus

53. ECOWAS' Efforts in Promoting South-South Cooperation Between its Member States and Global South Countries

54. Underdevelopment, extractivism, and conflict in the Global South and the role of systemic alternatives

55. Enhancing Mediterranean Integration

56. China’s Deepening Diplomatic and Economic Engagement in Afghanistan

57. Decentralization and Social Development: A Study of Local Government System of Pakistan

58. Afghan Women Education: Bottlenecks & Future

59. Institutional Failure: A Challenge to Good Governance in Pakistan

60. Politics of Nawab of Kalabagh Malik Amir Muhammad Khan (1910-1967)

61. Paradox of Female Labor Force Participation in South Asia

62. African Union: Mbeki’s South Africa Policy for Africa

63. Brazil-Africa Relations: From the Slave Nexus to the Construction of Strategic Partnerships

64. Portrayal of Developed and Under Developed Countries in Tweets of International News Agencies (2010-2016)

65. Doing Development Better

66. IntraHealth and Global Development

67. Islam, Authoritarianism, and Underdevelopment: A Global and Historical Comparison, Ahmet T. Kuru

68. The Interaction Between Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Portfolio Investment and Economic Growth: The Case of Sub- Saharan African Countries


70. The State at a Traffic Jam: Resource Endowment and the Challenges of National Development in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic

71. The National Health Insurance Bill: A Critical Review within the South African Development Context

72. Multilateral Development Banks: Counter-cyclical Mandate and Financial Constraints

73. New Silk Road – An Opportunity for the Development of Rail Container Transport in Poland?

74. Analysis of the Brazilian Crisis: Preliminary Effects on South-South Cooperation

75. World System Mobility: The Relevance of the Semiperiphery Concept for Development Projects in the 21st Century

76. The Poverty Trap: An Analysis of ther Contribution of Multilateral and Regional Institution to the Poor Economic and Social Performance of African Countries

77. The Contemporary World-System: A Contribution tom the Debate on Development in the World-Systems Theory

78. The (Re)emergence of the BRICS and the Reorganization of Power in Contemporary Geopolitics

79. Multilateral Diplomacy: Dissents and Contrasts, Two Genebrine Cases, a Personal Testimony

80. The African Union, regional economic communities and regional mechanisms and United Nations: Leveraging the Triangular Partnership to Silence the Guns in Africa

81. The Land Question in South Africa

82. Ethnicity and Conflict Instigation in Sierra Leone

83. Youth Demonstrations and their Impact on Political Change and Development in Africa

84. Reinvigorating the African Solidarity Initiative for robust implementation of the African Union’s Post-conflict Reconstruction and Development Policy

85. The Human Security Deficit as a Cause for Migratory and Refugee Flows: The design of an Accurate Response / El déficit de seguridad humana como causa de los flujos migratorios: el diseño de una respuesta precisa

86. A Most Significant Geopolitical Development: Strategic Benefits and Strategic Focus

87. The Eight Manifestations of GNH: Multiple Meanings of a Development Alternative

88. Fluctuating Images of Enemies and Friends: Abkhazia, With Turkish Cyprus’ Lens

89. The domestic risk of Chinese partnerships: cross-conditionality and coalition building

90. Subverting the Idea(l) of Equal Opportunity in Global Trade: The Paradoxes of Differentiation for Peripheral States

91. Social Policy within the Framework of Public Self-Governance - Selected Topics

92. China’s 2020 Economic Agenda: Maintaining Stability Amid Flux

93. South-South relations and global environmental governance: Brazilian international development cooperation

94. Agostinho Neto University: An Analysis of Context and Process of Scientific Work Production

95. Mining Policy and Socio-Cultural and Sustainable Integration of the Resettled in Cateme-Mozambique: 2009-2017

96. South-South Cooperation and Technological Development in Defense: The Case of the Missile a-Darter

97. Thabo Mbeki as African Pantheon: Claiming the 21st Century for Global Africa

98. Role of Youth in the Promotion of Good Governance in Pakistan

99. China’s Future Development: Challenges and Opportunities

100. Rent Seeking and Industrial Growth in Africa: The Case of Dangote’s Cement Industry