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701. The Role of Surveillance Technologies in the Securitization of EU Migration Policies and Border Management

702. EU’s Global Actorness in Question: A Debate over the EU-Turkey Migration Deal

703. In 2019, the US Undocumented Population Continued a Decade-Long Decline and the Foreign-Born Population Neared Zero Growth

704. The ICC and Palestine: Breakthrough and End of the Road?

705. Palestinian Refugees of the Oslo Generation: Thinking beyond the Nation?

706. The Journal of Palestine Studies in the Twenty-First Century: An Editor’s Reflections

707. The Anthropological Rise of Palestine

708. National Identity in the Guest Room: The Palestinian “Duyuf”

709. The PLO and Communist Albania: Cold War Relations

710. Paving the way to the Security Council: NGOs’ activism on women’s and children’s issues

711. Corporate influence and the global pandemic – reflections from the mining sector

712. Promoting health diplomacy in the fight against COVID-19: the case of Vietnam

713. Taking Stock of the Thirty Years of Mercosur

714. National Defense and Development: Dialogues Between the Meaning of Helio Jaguaribe's "Autonomy" Concept And the National Strategy of Defense

715. The Reform of the Brazilian Anti-Dumping Regime: A Partial Review of the Determinants and the Implications of Degree 8,058/2013

716. A Zone of Twilight? Peace and Conflict in Latin America and the United Nations

717. The Dragon's Footprints in the South Pole: A Study on Chinese Strategies and Actions in Antarctica and It's Implications for Brazil

718. Colombian Military Transformation: Strategic Reality and Overcoming Resistances

719. The Development of Geo-Economics A Path Towards an Institutional Liberalism Approach

720. Revisiting the Us-china Trade War: A Strategic Assessment

721. The US Strategy for Short-Term Military Artificial Intelligence Development (2020-2030)

722. The Importance of Middle East in Russian Foreign Policy

723. Africa and the 'Globalization Bargain': Towards a Collective Economic Sovereignty

724. War and Conflict in the African Sahel Fruit of History and permanent War Between Two Empires: The Arab-Islamic Empire and the Western Empire

725. The Sino-Russian Geopolitics in Eurasia and China-USA Disputes: Asia Pacific Great Eurasia vs Indo-Pacific

726. China and Russia: The Naval Projection of Land Powers

727. Revitalization of Maritime Silk Road Based on the Security Implications and Cooperation

728. The Dynamics of the Succession of Currencies in the 21st Century - A Case of Chinese Financial Leadership?

729. The Enduring Relevance of Naval Power: Reflections on Defence, Security and Power Projection of Sea Frontier

730. Prioritization of Multilaterialsm Agreements on Export Control of Defense Products and Sensitive Technologies by Hierarchical Analysis Process

731. Defense Expenditure and Strategic Capabilities: Dissimilarities Among South American Countries

732. Globalization and the Changing Concept of NATO

733. Failed Strategy? The Legacy of Barack Obama's Presidency in the Middle East and North Africa

734. Security Studies in International Relations: Evolution, Approaches and Contemporary Challenges

735. The Iran Nuclear Deal: A Springboard for a New Middle East Security Architecture

736. What to Expect from Biden in the Middle East

737. Breaking the Historic Taboo

738. Leading Israel into an Empty Future

739. The Arab World Between Regime Change and Political Reform

740. Explaining Egypt’s January 2011 Revolution between Conspiracy and Conventional Wisdom

741. Africa and the United States: Reengaging with Africa’s Prosperity in Mind

742. Does the Biden Administration Have Time for Foreign Policy?

743. Why the Phrase “Arab Spring” Should be Retired

744. Messages to America

745. “Reconciliation” in the Communiqué of the Gulf Cooperation Council

746. The Future of Work: Between Technology and Inequality

747. Funding Feminism: Grantmaking for Women’s Rights

748. Can the Arab Region meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?

749. A Visualization of Egypt’s Economic Performance During COVID-19

750. Yemen’s Peace Process: A Path to Conflict?

751. The Rise of the United Arab Emirates

752. Maintaining the U.S.-Saudi Relationship

753. Solving the Nuclear Stalemate between Iran and the United States

754. The End of Corporate Janissaries in the Gulf

755. The Long Road to Economic Transformation in the Gulf

756. Iran and the GCC: Prospects for a Grand Reconciliation

757. The UAE Art Scene: Challenges and Opportunities

758. Transforming Domestic Extremism in the United States

759. Summers of Strife: From Libya to Ethiopia

760. Women and Children First

761. African Podcasting: Challenges and Chances

762. The Renaissance Dam after the Security Council

763. More than a Monolith

764. A Pandemic of Vaccine and Technology Hoarding: Unmasking Global Inequality and Hypocrisy

765. Africa is Climbing the Prosperity Ladder but Some Rungs are Broken

766. The Long Road to African Tourism Recovery

767. Millions of People Continue to be Forcibly Displaced in Africa

768. In Malawi, the battle to save mangoes

769. A New Water Paradigm for Sub-Saharan Africa

770. This Watershed Moment for the Land(s) between the River and the Sea

771. Shaping Africa’s New Normal

772. Young People Are Leading Climate Activism in the Middle East

773. Climate Change and the Global South: The Case of Africa

774. The U.N. Climate Summit and Its Aftermath

775. Saving a Water-Stressed Middle East

776. Who Feels Climate Anxiety?

777. Locked-in Emissions: The Climate Change Arms Trade

778. A Climate Crisis in Africa: The Case of South Sudan

779. The Slow Violence of Climate Change

780. Covid-19’s Not Through With Us Yet

781. A New Water Paradigm for Sub-Saharan Africa

782. The Climate Crisis Needs a Global Green New Deal

783. COVID-19, Supply Chains, and Dependence on China: The Indian Perspective

784. Taiwan’s Shifting Role in the Global Supply Chain in the U.S.- China Trade War

785. The Pandemic’s Impact on Supply Chains from China and their Evolution: The View from South Korea

786. The Future of U.S. Supply Chains: National Security and the Pandemic

787. Shared History, Divided Consciousness: The Origins of the Sino-ROK Cultural Clash amid the Pandemic

788. The Pandemic and its Impact on the South Korea-Japan Identity Clash

789. The Coronavirus: Fueling Concerns and Contrasts between India and China

790. The Russo-U.S. National Identity Gap and the Indo-Pacific in 2021

791. The Sino–U.S. National Identity Gap and Bilateral Relations

792. The Pandemic as a Geopolitical Game Changer in the Indo-Pacific: The View from Japan

793. How COVID-19 Has Affected the Geopolitics of Korea

794. China, ASEAN, and the Covid-19 Pandemic

795. The COVID-19 Pandemic and Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific: A View from the United States

796. The Pandemic as a Geopolitical Gamechanger in the Indo-Pacific: The View from China

797. The Big Squeeze: Japanese Supply Chains and Great Power Competition

798. Baku Dialogues

799. ‘Azeri’ vs. ‘Azerbaijani’ Language and Identity in Nation-building

800. Achieving Full Resolution to the Karabakh Conflict