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601. The Influence of Political Processes and the War in Ukraine on the Formation of Generation Alpha and the iGeneration (Z): Defining Specific Features

602. Russian economic nationalism and the vectors of Russian foreign policy

603. The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Economic Consequences on Europe and the World

604. The American Multi-Domain Operation as a response to the Russian concept of New Generation Warfare

605. Cybersecurity culture in the public and private sector area in the Central European region

606. Role theory and Russia’s attempts to integrate the post-Soviet space: from internal to international duties

607. Trade Flows Between the European Union and the Eastern Partnership Countries: Dynamics and Prospects

608. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Turkish foreign policy towards the Western Balkans

609. Istanbul Journal of Economics: Volume 72 Issue 1

610. Istanbul Journal of Economics: Volume 72 Issue 2

611. Ukraine on the Way To the EU: Realities And Prospects

612. Political and Ideological Orientations of Ukrainian Citizens in the Conditions Of The Russian Aggression

613. International development cooperation as a global governance policy

614. Back to sovereignty? Policy space in investor-State dispute settlement

615. International Law and Order Enforcement: Police Assistance Programs and Politics in US-Brazil Relations

616. “Brazilian Foreign Policy, Multilateral Institutions and Power Relations: an Interview with Ambassador Rubens Ricupero”

617. “One Single Agriculture”: Dismantling Policies and Silencing Peasant Family Farmers in Brazilian Foreign Policy (2016-2022)

618. When only China wants to play: Institutional turmoil and Chinese investment in Brazil

619. Marriage of convenience, love at first sight? A brief manual for teaching international relations in Brazil and beyond

620. BRICS and Global Health Diplomacy in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Situating BRICS’ diplomacy within the prevailing global health governance context

621. Borders and transit countries: the re-territorialization of Middle East pipelines

622. South America at the core of Brazilian foreign policy during Bolsonaro’s administration (2019-2022)

623. A Palestinian Outlet to the World, A Path toward Peace? Considerations and Options for a Gaza Seaport

624. Building a Seaport in Gaza: Prospects, Challenges, and Opportunities

625. When Western media frames the Middle East in terms of sectarianism, not only does it do a grave disservice to its audience, but also to the people of this region, with far-reaching consequences

626. Why Climate Journalism Must be Mainstreamed in the Arab World

627. Social Change Will Be Tweeted—By a Select Few

628. Red Lines in Global Media

629. The Systemic Cycles of Accumulation in the Work of Giovani Arrighi: The 2008 Crisis, The End of US Hegemony and the Role of China

630. US Power and the Multinational Tech Companies of the Digital Era: An Analysis of the Obama and Trump Governments Oligopolization

631. China's Contribution to the Stabilization of 'Democratic' Afghanistan

632. The Sultanate of Oman's Foreign Policy Towards the Yemen Crisis: Pillars and Limitations

633. Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific Region" A View from the Geostrategic Position of the Malacca Strait

634. The European Community's Contradictory External Behaviour: The Promotion of Integration in Latin America in the Late 1980s

635. Fault Lines in Civilizations and Right-Wing Extremism: Germany's Experiment with Domestic Responsibility Vs. International Obligation

636. Mozambique: A Comparative Study of the Foreign Policy of the Samora Machel and Joaquim Chissano Governments

637. Inshore Balancers and Reborn Opportunities: Middle Powers and the Silk Road Region

638. The Centrality of Karabakh in Caucasus Geopolitics

639. How the Caspian Can Help Solve Europe’s Gas Woes: A Close Look at the Trans Caspian Connector Project

640. Drones and Resets: The New Era of Turkish Foreign Policy

641. Türkiye and the Russia-Ukraine War: Impact on the West, Central Asia, and the Caucasus

642. How the Conflict Over Ukraine Affects Security in the South Caucasus

643. ‘Strasbourg’ in the South Caucasus: The EU’s Opportunities, Obstacles, and Incentives

644. The “One China” Issue in U.S.-China Relations

645. The Lynchpin of the Middle Corridor

646. Strategic Opportunity for the Middle Corridor?

647. A Revitalized NATO and Its "New Strategic Concept" Amin Global and Regional Changes

648. NATO's Changing Priorities

649. Geopolitical Consequences of the War in Ukraine

650. Future Uncertain: NATO in a Post-Quantum Post-AI World

651. Russia's Assault on Ukraine: Fallout From the War

652. Geopolitics, Geography an the Ukrainian Russian War

653. The Historical Roots of NATO Engagement in the Mediterranean

654. The Future of Women, Peace, and Security at NATO

655. A Compass and a Concept: A Guide to the EU and NATO Strategic Outlooks

656. NATO After Madrid: Preparing for an Age of Confrontation and Disruption

657. NATO: The Importance of Activism in the Mediterranean Scenario

658. Change an Continuity in NATO's Nuclear Priorities

659. The Abraham Accords - Israel and the Middle East - What Next?

660. As Israel Looks East, The Gulf is Both a Way Station and a Destination

661. The Two-State Delusion

662. Peace, Security, or the Economy? Israeli Narratives About the Abraham Accords

663. Selective Reconciliation: The Rapprochement Between Israel and the Gulf Monarchies

664. Military Coups in Africa: A Continuation of Politics by Other Means?

665. Environment, Conflict and Peacebuilding: Addressing the Root Causes of Conflict in Darfur

666. Natural Resource (In)justice, Conflict and Transition Challenges in Africa: Lessons from the Niger Delta

667. Peacebuilding Policies and Frameworks in Kenya

668. From Terrorism to Banditry: Mass Abductions of Schoolchildren in Nigeria

669. The Role of Youths in Countering Violent Extremism in Northeast Nigeria

670. The Risk Pivot: Great Powers, International Security and the Energy Revolution

671. Protecting Australian Protected Persons

672. A Typology of Statelessness

673. The Law is Not Enough: Realising the Child’s Right to a Nationality in South Africa

674. Militarized Global Apartheid

675. Rethinking Recovery: How to Sustainably Support Communities A!ected by Genocide and Sexual Violence

676. Democracy, Demography, and the Future of the European Union

677. Transparency and the Internet: Facebook’s Global Reach

678. Reification of Data: the Right to be Forgotten, Data Ownership, Network Usage Fee, and Data Sovereignty

679. Remaking the Future of the Internet

680. Inclusion and Environmental Protection in Space

681. The Strength of Small, Lean, and Agile

682. Talking About NASA: Outer Space and World A!airs

683. Sexual Abuse, Violence, and Prostitution Toward Children in Mexico

684. The State of Exception: Gangs as a Neoliberal Scapegoat in El Salvador

685. Fighting Gangs to Dismantle Democracy: How Anti-Crime Policies Have Contributed to the Authoritarian Drift in Central America

686. A Path Not Taken: A Historical Interpretation of the Roots of Contemporary Crime in Central America

687. Fall 2020 edition of Strategic Visions

688. The Escalation of Conflict Between Armenians and Azerbaijanis and the Problems of Peaceful Resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh War

689. Vietnam and India’s Approach to the Indo-Pacific Region: Implication for Bilateral Relation Promotion

690. Immigrant Players in the National Football Team of Germany and the Question of National Identity

691. Energy and Geo-Economics: Evidence Underpinning Russian Intervention in Syria

692. Evolutionary Possibilities of Democratization and Atavistic Nationalism: A Comparative Study of Unrecognized States

693. December 2021 Issue

694. Push, Pull and Falling out: Determinant Factors of Drop-out in Technical Training Institutes in Bhutan

695. The Great Illusion: Foreign Policy Advocacy and the Problem of Knowledge

696. Church of Woke: Next American Religion?

697. “The Same Procedure as Every Year”: U.S. Counterterrorism Policy since 9/11

698. Was Irving Babbitt an Educational Counterrevolutionist?

699. American Statesmanship: Contrasting Views of Leadership

700. History, Social Science, and the ‘Literary Conscience’