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2001. The Six Principles of Adaptive Peace-building

2002. Reinvigorating the African Solidarity Initiative for robust implementation of the African Union’s Post-conflict Reconstruction and Development Policy

2003. Social Media

2004. South Africa's Possible Withdrawal from the International Criminal Court

2005. Key Lessons for Global Counter-Insurgency from the Fight against Boko Haram

2006. The Efficacy of Governments of National Unity in Zimbabwe and Lesotho

2007. Reflecting on the Role of Regional and International Interventions in Resolving the Post-coup Crisis in Sudan

2008. Healing the Wounds of the Past

2009. Ethnic Conflict under Ethnic Federalism

2010. Women and Peacebuilding in Guinea-Bissau

2011. Indigenous Community-based Natural Resources Management Mechanisms

2012. Communications Shutdowns

2013. Threat of Secession

2014. Applying Restorative Justice in Resolving the Farmers-Herdsmen Conflict in Nigeria

2015. Community-based reconciliation in practice and lessons for the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission of Zimbabwe

2016. Strengthening Traditional Approaches to Community-Level Land Disputes

2017. The role of Politics in Attempts to Resolve the Manya-Yilo Conflict in Ghana

2018. Students’ Union–Management Relations and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

2019. What works?

2020. Building a Safety Net: Explaining the Strength of Ex-Military Networks

2021. Migrations and Security. The Problematic Circularity ‘Philosophy, Law and Politics’

2022. Security vs. Human Dignity: The Migratory Crisis is Knocking on the Door of the Fortress ‘Europe’

2023. Can Religious Human Rights Discourses Help Integrating Muslim Migrant Communities Across Europe?

2024. Enhancing the Protection of the Environment in Relation to Armed Conflicts – the Draft Principles of the International Law Commission and Beyond

2025. Reflections on the Legality of Attacks Against the Natural Environment by Way of Reprisals

2026. Protecting Protected Areas in Bello: Learning From Institutional Design and Conflict Resilience in the Greater Virunga and Kidepo Landscapes

2027. Through the Looking Glass: Corporate Actors and Environmental Harm Beyond the ILC

2028. Business, Armed Conflict, and Protection of the Environment: What Avenues for Corporate Accountability?

2029. Enhancing Environmental Protection During Occupation Through Human Rights

2030. The Martens Clause and Environmental Protection in Relation to Armed Conflicts

2031. Precaution in International Environmental Law and Precautions in the Law of Armed Conflict

2032. Ulysses Syndrome: Immigrant Limit Stress / El Síndrome de Ulises: el estrés límite del inmigrante

2033. Migration and Asylum Policies in the European Union and its Application Problems in the Member States / Las políticas de migración y asilo en la Unión Europea y sus problemas de aplicación en los Estados miembros

2034. The Human Security Deficit as a Cause for Migratory and Refugee Flows: The design of an Accurate Response / El déficit de seguridad humana como causa de los flujos migratorios: el diseño de una respuesta precisa

2035. Who Wants to Be a Great Power?

2036. ROC(K) Solid Preparedness: Resistance Operations Concept in the Shadow of Russia

2037. China’s Private Military and Security Companies: “Chinese Muscle” and the Reasons for U.S. Engagement

2038. COVID-19: The Pandemic and its Impact on Security Policy

2039. No Such Thing as a Perfect Partner: The Challenges of “By, With, and Through”

2040. Elite Incentives and Power Dynamics in Fragile States

2041. Foreign Aid in an Era of Great Power Competition

2042. The Essence of the Strategic Competition with China

2043. Rediscovering a Strategic Purpose for NATO

2044. The Evolution of Authoritarian Digital Influence: Grappling with the New Normal

2045. Quantum Computing’s Cyber-Threat to National Security

2046. No Competition Without Presence: Should the U.S. Leave Africa?

2047. Don’t Trust Anyone: The ABCs of Building Resilient Telecommunications Networks

2048. Is China Expansionist?

2049. Bhutan’s Foresighted Resilience in the Initial Period of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Through the Lens of Gross National Happiness

2050. Healing in the Himalayas: Robert Saunders, Surgeon, and the Embassy to Bhutan and Tibet of 1783