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1901. Toxic Institutions in Security Sector Reform: Lesson Learned From the Failure of Building Security Institutions in East Timor

1902. Maritime Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa and its Effects in the Economy of States

1903. The Strategic Efficacy of Drones for US Grand Strategy

1904. The Competitive-Cooperative Triangles in International Relations: A Theoretical Contribution of Power from the Case Study of Internal and External Political Forces in South America

1905. Multilateral Diplomacy: Dissents and Contrasts, Two Genebrine Cases, a Personal Testimony

1906. How the Classical Gold Standard Can Inform Monetary Policy

1907. On the Origins of Entrepreneurial Alertness: Did Bauer and Yamey Precede Kirzner?

1908. Assessing State Capacity Libertarianism

1909. The American News Media’s Volatile Perspectives on China

1910. U.S. Policy Options Toward China: An Appraisal

1911. The Fall of Chile

1912. Economic Liberalizations Around the World Since 1970: Shock Therapy Versus Gradualism

1913. Immigration and State Institutions: Does Region of Origin Matter?

1914. Financial Transactions Taxes: Inaccessible and Expensive

1915. Lessons from the Swedish Experience with Negative Central Bank Rates

1916. Perspectives on Balance Sheet and Credit Policies: A Tribute to Marvin Goodfriend

1917. Erratic Behaviour of the United Nations and Global Governance in. Africa: The State as a Smokescreen for World Security

1918. Cuba's medical experience in sub-Saharan Africa: its contribution against Covid-​19

1919. An analysis of optimal devolved government size for growth: Armey curve in Kenya

1920. The Horn of Africa and the refugee field in Dadaab in Kenya

1921. Western Sahara: history, U.N acting and foreign interests

1922. Debating land in Africa: an analysis of the impacts of colonialism and neoliberalism in Guinea-Bissau's agrarian transition

1923. Leadership and decision making processes in Mozambique: governance of Samora Machel - 1975/1986

1924. The web of legal pluralism and traditional authorities in Mozambique




1928. Silencing the Guns Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach

1929. We Will Not Silence the Guns Without Women

1930. The African Union, regional economic communities and regional mechanisms and United Nations: Leveraging the Triangular Partnership to Silence the Guns in Africa

1931. What Kind of Leadership does the Vision of “Silencing the Guns” Require?

1932. How a Strong African Union–United Nations Partnership can Sustain the Silencing the Guns Agenda Beyond 2020

1933. The African Peer Review Mechanism and Silencing the Guns in Africa

1934. We Stand at a Very Uncertain Future for Humanity

1935. Global Health: A Pressing Foreign Policy Issue of our Time

1936. The impact of COVID-19 on Peace Operations in Africa

1937. Threats to Ethiopia’s Fragile Democratic Transition

1938. Challenges of Peacebuilding in Africa

1939. Reappraising Conflict Trends in Nigeria amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

1940. The Land Question in South Africa

1941. The Role of Libraries in Post-conflict Societies

1942. Multinational Interventions to Defend African Democracies against Extremist Violence

1943. Ethnicity and Conflict Instigation in Sierra Leone

1944. Language and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa

1945. Youth Demonstrations and their Impact on Political Change and Development in Africa

1946. The Hidden Population

1947. Gender, Peacebuilding and Entrepreneurship

1948. The Six Principles of Adaptive Peace-building

1949. Reinvigorating the African Solidarity Initiative for robust implementation of the African Union’s Post-conflict Reconstruction and Development Policy

1950. Social Media

1951. South Africa's Possible Withdrawal from the International Criminal Court

1952. Key Lessons for Global Counter-Insurgency from the Fight against Boko Haram

1953. The Efficacy of Governments of National Unity in Zimbabwe and Lesotho

1954. Reflecting on the Role of Regional and International Interventions in Resolving the Post-coup Crisis in Sudan

1955. Healing the Wounds of the Past

1956. Ethnic Conflict under Ethnic Federalism

1957. Women and Peacebuilding in Guinea-Bissau

1958. Indigenous Community-based Natural Resources Management Mechanisms

1959. Communications Shutdowns

1960. Threat of Secession

1961. Applying Restorative Justice in Resolving the Farmers-Herdsmen Conflict in Nigeria

1962. Community-based reconciliation in practice and lessons for the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission of Zimbabwe

1963. Strengthening Traditional Approaches to Community-Level Land Disputes

1964. The role of Politics in Attempts to Resolve the Manya-Yilo Conflict in Ghana

1965. Students’ Union–Management Relations and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

1966. What works?

1967. Who Wants to Be a Great Power?

1968. ROC(K) Solid Preparedness: Resistance Operations Concept in the Shadow of Russia

1969. China’s Private Military and Security Companies: “Chinese Muscle” and the Reasons for U.S. Engagement

1970. COVID-19: The Pandemic and its Impact on Security Policy

1971. No Such Thing as a Perfect Partner: The Challenges of “By, With, and Through”

1972. Elite Incentives and Power Dynamics in Fragile States

1973. Foreign Aid in an Era of Great Power Competition

1974. The Essence of the Strategic Competition with China

1975. Rediscovering a Strategic Purpose for NATO

1976. The Evolution of Authoritarian Digital Influence: Grappling with the New Normal

1977. Quantum Computing’s Cyber-Threat to National Security

1978. No Competition Without Presence: Should the U.S. Leave Africa?

1979. Don’t Trust Anyone: The ABCs of Building Resilient Telecommunications Networks

1980. Is China Expansionist?

1981. Bhutan’s Foresighted Resilience in the Initial Period of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Through the Lens of Gross National Happiness

1982. Healing in the Himalayas: Robert Saunders, Surgeon, and the Embassy to Bhutan and Tibet of 1783

1983. Bhutan in SAARC and BIMSTEC

1984. Lepcha Chieftains of the 17th–18th Centuries, based on Tibetan and Bhutanese Sources

1985. Luminaries and Legacies of Nenyingpa in Western Bhutan

1986. Welcoming a State That Possesses the Secret of Eternal Youth! A reflection on Bhutan’s UNO Membership

1987. Evolution of the Meaning of Happiness in Modern Bhutan from 2008 to 2019

1988. Descriptive Analysis of Need Assessment of the Scouting Programmes for Nazhoen and Nachung Scouts in Thimphu District

1989. Attitude of Students of Gedu College of Business Studies Towards Reading Dzongkha

1990. Science, research, and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540: the need of a “Wiesbaden process” for Academia

1991. La génesis ibérica del moderno poder naval (The Iberian Genesis of Modern Sea Power)

1992. Entre políticos y criminales: corrupción política en Colombia 2013-2018 (Between Politicians and Criminals: Political Corruption in Colombia 2013-2018)

1993. Inteligencia para la Seguridad Pública en las Entidades Federativas de México (Intelligence for Public Security in Mexican States)

1994. La captura del Estado peruano por el narcotráfico: el caso de los “cuello blanco del puerto” (The Capture of the Peruvian State by Drug Trafficking: the Case of «the White Collars of the Port»)

1995. Western DAESH Women: Ideology, Profile and Motivation

1996. Pacifying Police Units and private interests in Brazil

1997. Pruebas de ingreso como predictores del rendimiento académico en los aspirantes a soldados del Ejército (Entrance Tests as Predictors of Academic Performance in Army Soldier Applicants)

1998. De la fragmentación de las estructuras criminales a una proto-mafia: un análisis del Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) en Sudamérica (From the Fragmentation of Criminal Structures to a Proto-Mafia: An Analysis of the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) in South America)

1999. Brasil nuclear: dos interpretaciones opuestas sobre la orientación de su programa atómico (Nuclear Brazil: Two Opposed Interpretations about the Orientation of its Atomic Program)

2000. El islam en Rusia: desafíos a la seguridad y respuestas estratégicas (Islam in Russia: Security Challenges and Strategic Responses)