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1801. Welcoming a State That Possesses the Secret of Eternal Youth! A reflection on Bhutan’s UNO Membership

1802. Evolution of the Meaning of Happiness in Modern Bhutan from 2008 to 2019

1803. Descriptive Analysis of Need Assessment of the Scouting Programmes for Nazhoen and Nachung Scouts in Thimphu District

1804. Attitude of Students of Gedu College of Business Studies Towards Reading Dzongkha

1805. Science, research, and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540: the need of a “Wiesbaden process” for Academia

1806. La génesis ibérica del moderno poder naval (The Iberian Genesis of Modern Sea Power)

1807. Entre políticos y criminales: corrupción política en Colombia 2013-2018 (Between Politicians and Criminals: Political Corruption in Colombia 2013-2018)

1808. Inteligencia para la Seguridad Pública en las Entidades Federativas de México (Intelligence for Public Security in Mexican States)

1809. La captura del Estado peruano por el narcotráfico: el caso de los “cuello blanco del puerto” (The Capture of the Peruvian State by Drug Trafficking: the Case of «the White Collars of the Port»)

1810. Western DAESH Women: Ideology, Profile and Motivation

1811. Pacifying Police Units and private interests in Brazil

1812. Pruebas de ingreso como predictores del rendimiento académico en los aspirantes a soldados del Ejército (Entrance Tests as Predictors of Academic Performance in Army Soldier Applicants)

1813. De la fragmentación de las estructuras criminales a una proto-mafia: un análisis del Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) en Sudamérica (From the Fragmentation of Criminal Structures to a Proto-Mafia: An Analysis of the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) in South America)

1814. Brasil nuclear: dos interpretaciones opuestas sobre la orientación de su programa atómico (Nuclear Brazil: Two Opposed Interpretations about the Orientation of its Atomic Program)

1815. El islam en Rusia: desafíos a la seguridad y respuestas estratégicas (Islam in Russia: Security Challenges and Strategic Responses)

1816. La brecha de ciberseguridad en América Latina frente al contexto global de ciberamenazas (The Cyber Security Gap in Latin America Against the Global Context of Cyber Threats)

1817. Migraciones, deportaciones, colonización y geopolítica durante las guerras dácicas de Trajano (101-106 d.C.) (Migrations, Deportations, Colonization and Geopolitics during Trajan’s Dacian Wars (101 -106 AD))

1818. How Can We Increase Turnout among Low Propensity Voters?

1819. How Did the Voter’s Choice Act Affect Turnout in 2018?

1820. How Do Californians Want to Cast their Ballots During the COVID-19 Crisis?

1821. Messaging Matters: How Information about Underrepresentation Affects the Political Participation of Racial and Ethnic Groups in California

1822. The Pandemic in Prison: Implications for California Politics and Policymaking

1823. Early in the Pandemic, There Was No Partisan Divide over Preferences for Voting by Mail in the 2020 Election

1824. Will Concurrent Elections Reshape the Electorate?

1825. China-Russia-Pakistan Strategic Triangle: Imperative Factors

1826. Decentralization and Social Development: A Study of Local Government System of Pakistan

1827. Is Corruption Detrimental for Economic Growth? A Panel Data Analysis of Selected South Asian Economies

1828. Afghan Women Education: Bottlenecks & Future

1829. String of Pearls: Politics of Ports in Indian Ocean

1830. Space Militarization Race among China-Russia and USA: Implications for South Asia

1831. Institutional Failure: A Challenge to Good Governance in Pakistan

1832. Indo- US Strategic Objectives in Afghanistan: Security Calculus of Pakistan

1833. Theory of Separation of Power: Balancing the Civil- Military Relations in Pakistan 2013-2018

1834. Religious Tourism and Peace Building: Kartarpur Corridor as a Peace Symbol in India-Pakistan Conflict and Inter-Faith Harmony

1835. Politics of Nawab of Kalabagh Malik Amir Muhammad Khan (1910-1967)

1836. Transitionary Aspects and Population Dynamics in Rural Punjab: Demographic and Social Dimensions

1837. War on Terror: Repercussions for Pakistan

1838. Creation of New Provinces: It’s Socio-Political Implication for Pakistan

1839. BRI & CPEC: Strategic & Economic Depth for Pakistan

1840. Indian Constitutional Rearrangements in Jammu & Kashmir and the Responses of Kashmiri Diaspora

1841. Analytical Review of Pak-China Strategic Cooperation 1950-2017

1842. China Pakistan Ties: Challenges and Implications for the region (2013-2018)

1843. Dynamics of Political Discussion of Voters in 2013 General Election in Pakistan

1844. CPEC and Re-Orientation of China-Pakistan Relations

1845. Hindutva in India: Rise of Bigotry against Muslims

1846. India-Pakistan Relations: Can Guru Nanak be a Factor of Peace?

1847. The Rise of Extremism in Pakistan: International Dynamics

1848. Provincial Pride, Public Outcry: The Creation of the Lahore High Court and Judicial Development in South Asia

1849. Inquiry on the Effect of Federalism in Patterns of Internal Migration in Nepal: Study from Province 1

1850. Paradox of Female Labor Force Participation in South Asia

1851. Macroeconomic Determinents of Crime in South Asian Countries: A Panal Data Approach

1852. Impact of Gas Conservation on Aggregate Economy and Trade of Pakistan

1853. The Strategic Implications of Chinese-Iranian-Russian Naval Drills in the Indian Ocean

1854. Pakistan and CPEC Are Drawn Into the U.S.-China Rivalry

1855. Making Foreign Companies Serve China: Outsourcing Propaganda to Local Entities in the Czech Republic

1856. Beijing Piles More Pressure on Taiwan after a Historic Victory by Tsai Ing-Wen

1857. The State Response to a Mystery Viral Outbreak in Central China

1858. New Wine Into New Wineskins: The Evolving Role of the PLA Navy Marine Corps in Amphibious Warfare and Other Mission Areas

1859. The Vatican Stays Away from the Hong Kong Crisis Due to Fears of Beijing’s Retaliation

1860. The Future of Chinese Foreign Economic Policy Will Challenge U.S. Interests, Part 1: The Belt-and-Road Initiative and the Middle Income Trap

1861. The CCP Response to the Wuhan Coronavirus: A Preliminary Assessment

1862. The “Democratic Life Meetings” of the Chinese Communist Party Politburo

1863. Sino-Indian Cooperation on Counter-Terrorism: Not Truly “Hand-in-Hand” At All

1864. The Future of Chinese Foreign Economic Policy Will Challenge U.S. Interests, Part 2: Renminbi Internationalization and International Economic Institutions

1865. How the Wuhan Epidemic Has Dented Xi Jinping’s Authority and Prestige

1866. The CCP’s New Leading Small Group for Countering the Coronavirus Epidemic—and the Mysterious Absence of Xi Jinping

1867. China’s Declining Birth Rate and Changes in CCP Population Policies

1868. The PRC’s Cautious Stance on the U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy

1869. Fair-Weather Friends: The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Strategic Partnership Between Russia and China

1870. Beijing’s Appointment of Xia Baolong Signals a Harder Line on Hong Kong

1871. Beijing Purges Wuhan: The CCP Central Authorities Tighten Political Control Over Hubei Province

1872. China-Iran Relations: The Not-So-Special “Special Relationship”

1873. The Illicit Wildlife Trade in China and the State Response Following the Coronavirus Outbreak

1874. Limited Payoffs: What Have BRI Investments Delivered for China Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak?

1875. Disposing of “Zombies”: Why the Reform of Non-Performing State-Owned Enterprises Has Gotten Even Harder

1876. China’s Other Viral Crisis: African Swine Fever and the State Effort to Stabilize Pork Prices

1877. China’s Deepening Diplomatic and Economic Engagement in Afghanistan

1878. Global Supply Chains, Economic Decoupling, and U.S.-China Relations, Part 1: The View from the United States

1879. The Chinese Charm Offensive Towards Italy as the Coronavirus Crisis Deepens

1880. The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Rise of Chinese Civil Society

1881. Military Activity and Political Signaling in the Taiwan Strait in Early 2020

1882. The PLA Navy’s ZHANLAN Training Series: Supporting Offensive Strike on the High Seas

1883. Mind the Trap: What Basing Rights in Djibouti and Sri Lanka Reveal About the Limitations of Debt as a Tool of Chinese Military Expansion

1884. The China-Myanmar Economic Corridor: Delays Ahead

1885. Responding to the Epidemic in Wuhan: Insights into Chinese Military Logistics

1886. Epidemic-Related Unrest and the CCP’s Reinforced Political Loyalty Indoctrination for China’s Police

1887. Changes in Consumer Behavior Of Gen Y’ers in Covid-19 Pandemic

1888. Turkey’s Membership Process In a Multi-Speed European Union

1889. Foreign Market Entry Mode Choice In Service Firms: a Business Model Perspective

1890. The New Institutionalism: A tool for analysing defence and security institutions

1891. Assessment of the effectiveness of the security features of personal wireless networks

1892. COVID-19 as a prestige-promoting mechanism: PESCO framework as an opportunity for EU member states

1893. Fitness OSINT: Identifying and tracking military and security personnel with fitness applications for intelligence gathering purposes

1894. Testing the efficiency of laser technology to destroy the rogue drones

1895. The Hellenic air – space violations by Turkish aircraft: A statistical assessment and a forecast

1896. Operational control over non-state proxies

1897. “Sweat is invisible in the rain”: Civilian Joint Task Force and counter-insurgency in Borno State, Nigeria

1898. Countering terrorism in the shadows: The role of private security and military companies

1899. Turkey’s approach to proxy war in the Middle East and North Africa

1900. FARC–Hezbollah: The success of Venezuela–Iran proxy groups and their convergence in the Americas