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1701. Representations of Power in Mayombe: “Men Will Be Prisoners of the Structures They Will Have Created”

1702. Socio-Spatial and Ethnic-Racial Segregation in Megacities, Large Cities and Global Cities in Africa

1703. African Union: Mbeki’s South Africa Policy for Africa

1704. Elections and Democratic Deficits in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: A Commentary

1705. Trust in Political Power and Government Institutions in Mozambique: 2014-2018

1706. The Influence of Diplomacy on Controversies: A Comparative Study Between Diplomatic Mediation and Armed Conflict

1707. The Dominance of Terrorism: Aspects of the Socio-Political Challenges in Post-Independence West AfricA: Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Mali

1708. Main Trends of Terrorism in Africa Towards 2025

1709. African Marxist Military Regimes, Rise and Fall: Internal Conditioners and International Dimensions

1710. Brazil-Africa Relations: From the Slave Nexus to the Construction of Strategic Partnerships

1711. The Cultural Reflections on the Middle Eastern Geopolitics: An Assessment on the Cultural Heritage | Ortadoğu Jeopolitiğinde Kültürel Yansımalar: Kültürel Miras Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme

1712. The Role of the Army in Politics in Latin America and Turkey during the Cold War | Soğuk Savaş Döneminde Latin Amerika ve Türkiye’de Ordunun Siyasetteki Rolü

1713. Religion and Empire: Islam as a Structural Force in the Umayyad and the Ottoman Empires

1714. The European Union's Response to Rising Powers: The Challenges of the BRICS and MIKTA Countries | Avrupa Birliği’nin Yükselen Güçler Politikası: BRICS ve MIKTA Ülkelerinin Meydan Okumaları

1715. Annexation of Crimea from the Perspective of Offensive Realism | Ofansif Realizm Bağlamında Kırım’ın İlhakı

1716. Peace as a Human Right: Outlook of the Relationships between Human Rights and Peace from the 21st Century | Bir İnsan Hakkı Olarak Barış: İnsan Hakları/Barış İlişkisinin 21. Yüzyıldan Görünümü

1717. The World Health Organization: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Transnational Law

1718. Freedom of Expression in Times of COVID-19: Chilling Effect in Hungary and Serbia Article Sidebar

1719. The Gender-Based Violence as an Instrument of Warfare in Armed Conflicts

1720. Sustaining Power Through External Threats: The Power of Enemy Images in Russia and Azerbaijan

1721. The Evaluation of Russia's Foreign Policy Towards Georgia Following the ‘Rose Revolution’

1722. Myanmar’s Foreign Strategy Toward China Since Rohingya Crisis: Changes, Outlook and Implications

1723. Women and Gender Equality: Justice or Civilization?

1724. Is the “show-the-flag” strategy relevant for Visegrad countries in securing the EU?

1725. Challenges for Security and Defence Cooperation in Central Europe: Will the EU be able to manage the crisis in the EU periphery?

1726. The Three Seas Initiative as a new model of regional cooperation in Central Europe: A Polish perspective

1727. Migration trends and challenges in the Visegrad countries

1728. “To protect national sovereignty from the EU?” The 2019 EP elections and populist parties in V4 countries

1729. Central Europe in the new Millennium: The new Great Game?

1730. OPEC+ as a new governor in Global Energy Governance

1731. “Mainlandization” of Hong Kong, A Model of Influence, Resistance and Adjustment

1732. Development of Local Governance and Decentralization to empower Citizens in Pakistan: A Historical Analysis

1733. Citizen Engagement and Effectiveness in Developing Local Governance: The Case of Khon Kaen Province,Thailand

1734. Coattail Effect Strategy of Gerindra Party in 2019 Concurrent Election

1735. The Interplay of Incumbency, Political Dynasty and Corruption in Indonesia: Are Political Dynasties the Cause of Corruption in Indonesia?

1736. Bottom-Up Model Analysis of Community Involvement in the Sister City Cooperation for Flood Mitigation in East Kalimantan

1737. Women Participation as Agent of Citizens Diplomacy through Solo International Performing Art (SIPA)

1738. Enhancing Women Contribution in Peace, Conflict Resolution, and Security Agenda: Indonesian Female Peacekeepers in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operation (Garuda Contingent – KONGA)

1739. Indonesia’s Foreign Policy Towards Malaysia in the Post Soeharto Era: A Case Study of Ambalat Dispute

1740. Will Informal Institutions Replace Formal Institutions? The Primacy of Church and “Uma Lisan” in Fostering Community Security in Timor Leste

1741. Mainstreaming Realism Paradigm in Handling Illegal Immigrants in Malaysia

1742. The Terrorist Threat Assessment 2020

1743. Enhancing Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation through International Cluster: Implications for the Kaesong Industrial Complex

1744. The Diplomatic Conflict between South Korea and Japan: Has the Candlelight Revolution become the Curse of Liberal Democracy?

1745. Is Japan the “Britain” of East Asia? A Geopolitical Analysis of Japan’s Long-term Strategy on the Korean Peninsula

1746. The two Koreas´ Relations with China: Vision and Challenge

1747. Changing Roles of the EU and ASEAN on Peace in the Korean Peninsula

1748. Why EU’s Multilateralism matters in Korea’s Peace Process?

1749. Fall 2020 edition of Contemporary Eurasia

1750. Spring 2020 edition of Contemporary Eurasia

1751. Measuring the Progress in Realizing the Strategy “Europe 2020” in 2010-2016 in 28 European Union Member States

1752. Poland’s Cultural Relations with Middle-Eastern Arab Countries

1753. Model Changes of Polish Public Administration and Processes of Political and Structural Transformation

1754. Changes in the Party System in the Context of Deconsolidation of Democracy in Poland

1755. Directions of Poland’s Energy Security Policy in the Natural Gas Sector

1756. Religious Determinants of Socio-Political Openness of Young Silesians in Poland

1757. Memory and Politics of Memory in Terms of the Memes Theory. With Reference to an Example of the Idea of Polish Heroism

1758. Uzbekistan: A State Undergoing Total Reconstruction

1759. Conceptualizing the Theoretical Category of Neo-militant Democracy: The Case of Hungary

1760. Political Process, Crisis and Legitimacy in Poland

1761. Where Does the Buck Stop with the Backstop? The Irish-UK Border in Brexit Negotiations: June 2016-January 2019

1762. Space Defense in Europe. Policy and Security Aspects

1763. Studying Political Violence Using Game Theory Models: Research Approaches and Assumptions

1764. Generationally Diversified Labor Groups in Contemporary Labor Market. A Chance or a Threat for Organizations?

1765. Maritime Biodiversity from the French State’s Perspective

1766. A Lioness Turned into a Fox. A Political Realist View of Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi

1767. Recognition of National Football Federations and the Diplomatic Role of FIFA

1768. The Functions and Problems of China’s State-Owned Economy

1769. Dangerous, Yet Not So Unique. Characteristics of the Chinese Social Credit System

1770. Illuminating Shanghai: Light, Heritage, Power

1771. A Comparison of Nisga’a Self-Government and International Standards of Indigenous Self-Determination

1772. Possibility of Implementing the Concept of the Intermarium in the Context of Militant Democracy in Poland During and After the Coronavirus Pandemic

1773. Research on Systemic Transformation in the Countries of Central Asia

1774. Political Trust vs. Turnout in Modern Democracies

1775. Changes in the Electoral Code and Their Impact on the Security of the Election The Origin for Discussion Based on Selected Comments

1776. Challenges of Georgia’s Pension System

1777. Language and Politics in India and China: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study

1778. China in the Geopolitical Imaginations of the Polish Pop Music after 1989

1779. Between Nation-Building and Contestation for Power: The Place of Party Politics in Nigeria, 1923-2019

1780. Campaigns and Electioneering: Reflecting on the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria

1781. Worsening Women Trafficking, Multidimensional Poverty and Gender Inequality: The Vulnerabilities, Playouts and Governmental Responses in West Africa

1782. Indian and Australian Maritime Security Doctrines in the Indian Ocean Region in the 21st Century. Christian Bueger’s Matrix of Maritime Security Approach

1783. Institutional Responsibility for Mass Atrocity Crimes with Thomas Pogge

1784. The Battle of Brexit. Analysis of the 2019 United Kingdom General Election Results

1785. The Issue of Ideological Changes in the Context of the Polish Political Parties - Theoretical Models and Their Exemplifications

1786. Autarchy of Political Science and the Methodological Functions of Object Knowledge. Epistemological Analysis

1787. Restrictions of Freedom of Press as an Indicator of Neo-Militant Democracy in Lithuania

1788. The Strategic Implications of Chinese-Iranian-Russian Naval Drills in the Indian Ocean

1789. Pakistan and CPEC Are Drawn Into the U.S.-China Rivalry

1790. Making Foreign Companies Serve China: Outsourcing Propaganda to Local Entities in the Czech Republic

1791. Beijing Piles More Pressure on Taiwan after a Historic Victory by Tsai Ing-Wen

1792. The State Response to a Mystery Viral Outbreak in Central China

1793. New Wine Into New Wineskins: The Evolving Role of the PLA Navy Marine Corps in Amphibious Warfare and Other Mission Areas

1794. The Vatican Stays Away from the Hong Kong Crisis Due to Fears of Beijing’s Retaliation

1795. The Future of Chinese Foreign Economic Policy Will Challenge U.S. Interests, Part 1: The Belt-and-Road Initiative and the Middle Income Trap

1796. The CCP Response to the Wuhan Coronavirus: A Preliminary Assessment

1797. The “Democratic Life Meetings” of the Chinese Communist Party Politburo

1798. Sino-Indian Cooperation on Counter-Terrorism: Not Truly “Hand-in-Hand” At All

1799. The Future of Chinese Foreign Economic Policy Will Challenge U.S. Interests, Part 2: Renminbi Internationalization and International Economic Institutions

1800. How the Wuhan Epidemic Has Dented Xi Jinping’s Authority and Prestige