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1501. Elections and Democratic Deficits in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: A Commentary

1502. Trust in Political Power and Government Institutions in Mozambique: 2014-2018

1503. The Influence of Diplomacy on Controversies: A Comparative Study Between Diplomatic Mediation and Armed Conflict

1504. The Dominance of Terrorism: Aspects of the Socio-Political Challenges in Post-Independence West AfricA: Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Mali

1505. Main Trends of Terrorism in Africa Towards 2025

1506. African Marxist Military Regimes, Rise and Fall: Internal Conditioners and International Dimensions

1507. Brazil-Africa Relations: From the Slave Nexus to the Construction of Strategic Partnerships

1508. The Cultural Reflections on the Middle Eastern Geopolitics: An Assessment on the Cultural Heritage | Ortadoğu Jeopolitiğinde Kültürel Yansımalar: Kültürel Miras Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme

1509. The Role of the Army in Politics in Latin America and Turkey during the Cold War | Soğuk Savaş Döneminde Latin Amerika ve Türkiye’de Ordunun Siyasetteki Rolü

1510. Religion and Empire: Islam as a Structural Force in the Umayyad and the Ottoman Empires

1511. The European Union's Response to Rising Powers: The Challenges of the BRICS and MIKTA Countries | Avrupa Birliği’nin Yükselen Güçler Politikası: BRICS ve MIKTA Ülkelerinin Meydan Okumaları

1512. Annexation of Crimea from the Perspective of Offensive Realism | Ofansif Realizm Bağlamında Kırım’ın İlhakı

1513. Peace as a Human Right: Outlook of the Relationships between Human Rights and Peace from the 21st Century | Bir İnsan Hakkı Olarak Barış: İnsan Hakları/Barış İlişkisinin 21. Yüzyıldan Görünümü

1514. The World Health Organization: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Transnational Law

1515. Freedom of Expression in Times of COVID-19: Chilling Effect in Hungary and Serbia Article Sidebar

1516. The Gender-Based Violence as an Instrument of Warfare in Armed Conflicts

1517. Sustaining Power Through External Threats: The Power of Enemy Images in Russia and Azerbaijan

1518. The Evaluation of Russia's Foreign Policy Towards Georgia Following the ‘Rose Revolution’

1519. Myanmar’s Foreign Strategy Toward China Since Rohingya Crisis: Changes, Outlook and Implications

1520. Women and Gender Equality: Justice or Civilization?

1521. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 12 Issue 03: COVID-19 and Terrorism

1522. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 12 Issue 02: Geopolitics and Jihadism in a Post-Soleimani Era

1523. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 12 Issue 01: Annual Threat Assessment

1524. The Role of International Seabed Authority with Respect to the Administration of Mineral Resources

1525. Interpreters as Diplomatic Actors in the Trump Era

1526. The New British Colonialism: British Policy of Influence in the Arab Gulf States after the Withdrawal (1971-1991)

1527. Twitter Diplomacy in Turkey - US Relations

1528. Foreign Policy as a Contested Front of the Cultural Wars in Turkey: The Middle East and Turkey in the Era of the AKP

1529. Iranians Turn Away from the Islamic Republic

1530. The End of History Revisited

1531. 30 Years of World Politics: What Has Changed?

1532. The Squeeze on African Media Freedom

1533. The Pushback Against Populism: Running on “Radical Love” in Turkey

1534. Viral Alarm: When Fury Overcomes Fear

1535. Science, research, and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540: the need of a “Wiesbaden process” for Academia

1536. La génesis ibérica del moderno poder naval (The Iberian Genesis of Modern Sea Power)

1537. Entre políticos y criminales: corrupción política en Colombia 2013-2018 (Between Politicians and Criminals: Political Corruption in Colombia 2013-2018)

1538. Inteligencia para la Seguridad Pública en las Entidades Federativas de México (Intelligence for Public Security in Mexican States)

1539. La captura del Estado peruano por el narcotráfico: el caso de los “cuello blanco del puerto” (The Capture of the Peruvian State by Drug Trafficking: the Case of «the White Collars of the Port»)

1540. Western DAESH Women: Ideology, Profile and Motivation

1541. Pacifying Police Units and private interests in Brazil

1542. Pruebas de ingreso como predictores del rendimiento académico en los aspirantes a soldados del Ejército (Entrance Tests as Predictors of Academic Performance in Army Soldier Applicants)

1543. De la fragmentación de las estructuras criminales a una proto-mafia: un análisis del Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) en Sudamérica (From the Fragmentation of Criminal Structures to a Proto-Mafia: An Analysis of the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) in South America)

1544. Brasil nuclear: dos interpretaciones opuestas sobre la orientación de su programa atómico (Nuclear Brazil: Two Opposed Interpretations about the Orientation of its Atomic Program)

1545. El islam en Rusia: desafíos a la seguridad y respuestas estratégicas (Islam in Russia: Security Challenges and Strategic Responses)

1546. La brecha de ciberseguridad en América Latina frente al contexto global de ciberamenazas (The Cyber Security Gap in Latin America Against the Global Context of Cyber Threats)

1547. Migraciones, deportaciones, colonización y geopolítica durante las guerras dácicas de Trajano (101-106 d.C.) (Migrations, Deportations, Colonization and Geopolitics during Trajan’s Dacian Wars (101 -106 AD))

1548. How Can We Increase Turnout among Low Propensity Voters?

1549. How Did the Voter’s Choice Act Affect Turnout in 2018?

1550. How Do Californians Want to Cast their Ballots During the COVID-19 Crisis?

1551. Messaging Matters: How Information about Underrepresentation Affects the Political Participation of Racial and Ethnic Groups in California

1552. The Pandemic in Prison: Implications for California Politics and Policymaking

1553. Early in the Pandemic, There Was No Partisan Divide over Preferences for Voting by Mail in the 2020 Election

1554. Will Concurrent Elections Reshape the Electorate?

1555. China-Russia-Pakistan Strategic Triangle: Imperative Factors

1556. Decentralization and Social Development: A Study of Local Government System of Pakistan

1557. Is Corruption Detrimental for Economic Growth? A Panel Data Analysis of Selected South Asian Economies

1558. Afghan Women Education: Bottlenecks & Future

1559. String of Pearls: Politics of Ports in Indian Ocean

1560. Space Militarization Race among China-Russia and USA: Implications for South Asia

1561. Institutional Failure: A Challenge to Good Governance in Pakistan

1562. Indo- US Strategic Objectives in Afghanistan: Security Calculus of Pakistan

1563. Theory of Separation of Power: Balancing the Civil- Military Relations in Pakistan 2013-2018

1564. Religious Tourism and Peace Building: Kartarpur Corridor as a Peace Symbol in India-Pakistan Conflict and Inter-Faith Harmony

1565. Politics of Nawab of Kalabagh Malik Amir Muhammad Khan (1910-1967)

1566. Transitionary Aspects and Population Dynamics in Rural Punjab: Demographic and Social Dimensions

1567. War on Terror: Repercussions for Pakistan

1568. Creation of New Provinces: It’s Socio-Political Implication for Pakistan

1569. BRI & CPEC: Strategic & Economic Depth for Pakistan

1570. Indian Constitutional Rearrangements in Jammu & Kashmir and the Responses of Kashmiri Diaspora

1571. Analytical Review of Pak-China Strategic Cooperation 1950-2017

1572. China Pakistan Ties: Challenges and Implications for the region (2013-2018)

1573. Dynamics of Political Discussion of Voters in 2013 General Election in Pakistan

1574. CPEC and Re-Orientation of China-Pakistan Relations

1575. Hindutva in India: Rise of Bigotry against Muslims

1576. India-Pakistan Relations: Can Guru Nanak be a Factor of Peace?

1577. The Rise of Extremism in Pakistan: International Dynamics

1578. Provincial Pride, Public Outcry: The Creation of the Lahore High Court and Judicial Development in South Asia

1579. Inquiry on the Effect of Federalism in Patterns of Internal Migration in Nepal: Study from Province 1

1580. Paradox of Female Labor Force Participation in South Asia

1581. Macroeconomic Determinents of Crime in South Asian Countries: A Panal Data Approach

1582. Impact of Gas Conservation on Aggregate Economy and Trade of Pakistan

1583. The Logic of Geopolitics in American-Russian Relations

1584. Fluctuating Images of Enemies and Friends: Abkhazia, With Turkish Cyprus’ Lens

1585. Economic Transformation and Privatization

1586. Micro level factors leading to a migratory decision: Migrant groups in the Czech Republic

1587. Stereotypes of the political left and right in Hungary

1588. Georgia’s Road to NATO: Everything but Membership?

1589. Where are We on the European Map? Comparing Public Service Motivation in Central and Eastern Europe with Neighboring Countries

1590. Reconsidering Russian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century

1591. Russia’s Peacekeeping Operations in the Post-Soviet Space: “Mirotvorchestvo” Applied

1592. The Kaliningrad Region – Key to Security in East-Central Europe

1593. Price of Aggression: The Impact of Sanctions on the Russian Economy

1594. How the Socialist Economy was destroyed in the USSR (One reason for the collapse of the country)

1595. Public and Private Hate Speech in Poland

1596. Shaking the Foundation: the Trump Administration and NATO’s East

1597. Remarks on Regional Security

1598. Kremlin Propaganda and Disinformation in Georgia: tools, channels, narratives

1599. Turkey and East Central Europe: idealism, pragmatism, misperception or clash of interests?

1600. From a Common to a National State(s) and the Lithuanian-Polish Dispute