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2141. “Sweat is invisible in the rain”: Civilian Joint Task Force and counter-insurgency in Borno State, Nigeria

2142. Countering terrorism in the shadows: The role of private security and military companies

2143. Turkey’s approach to proxy war in the Middle East and North Africa

2144. FARC–Hezbollah: The success of Venezuela–Iran proxy groups and their convergence in the Americas

2145. The Securitisation of Hybrid Warfare through Practices within the Iran-Israel conflict – Israel’s practices for securitising Hezbollah’s Proxy War

2146. Game of Proxies – Towards a new model of warfare: Experiences from the CAR, Libya, Mali, Syria, and Ukraine

2147. Towards a structural understanding of powerbrokers in weak states: From militias to alliances

2148. Changing the character of proxy warfare and its consequences for geopolitical relationships

2149. Outsourcing warfare: Proxy forces in contemporary armed conflicts

2150. Family as a fundamental social unit shaping security culture: Polish realities

2151. The rules and organisation of air traffic at airstrips during military operations: Based on experience gained on missions in Chad and Afghanistan

2152. Compulsory military service as a social integrator

2153. The roots of armed conflicts: Multilevel security perspective

2154. Russian information offensive in the international relations

2155. Willingness to defend one’s country and to resist in the Baltic states

2156. Cloud system in digital human resources management in Turkey

2157. Values and norms of behaviour in the life of cadets

2158. Operation “Olympic Games.” Cyber-sabotage as a tool of American intelligence aimed at counteracting the development of Iran’s nuclear programme

2159. Operations in subterranean systems: Terrain and weather variable

2160. The future of energy security of states