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151. Japan on the Borderlines: Is Japan Still a Civilian Power?

152. A Solid Handoff in the U.S-India Relationship

153. Cuba’s Unresolved Civil War

154. Domestic Politics and Regional Dynamics in Turkey’s Geopolitical Approach to the Middle East Between 2002-2019

155. A Theory of Hegemonic Stability in South American Regionalism? Evidence from the Case of Brazil in UNASUR and Venezuela in ALBA

156. US Foreign Policy to South America since 9/11: Neglect or Militarisation?

157. The Trump Foreign Policy Legacy In The Middle East

158. US-Iran Relations After Trump: The Path to Peace is Open

159. Cuban-American Relations Through The Lens of a Cuban American

160. American Invasion And Withdrawals Post 9/11

161. The Role of International Educational Exchange in Turkish Foreign Policy as a Reconstructed Soft Power Tool

162. Mobilizing Resources and Signaling Intentions: a Neoclassical Realist Analysis of Japan’s Domestic and International Instrumentalization of the Senkaku Islands Dispute and China’s Maritime Assertiveness

163. Engaging with Africa Strategically

164. The policy of the People’s Republic of China towards Central and Eastern Europe in 2012-2020

165. From Economic to Geopolitical Policy: The Middle East on the Silk Road

166. The changing nature and architecture of U.S. democracy assistance

167. Comparing the Perceptions of Indonesians and Malaysians toward the China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Facts and Trends

168. The small state’s role in the Euro-Atlantic area: Potential changes in Lithuania’s foreign policy

169. The Past in the Present: Ancient Patterns in the Emergent Middle East

170. Beyond International Relations Theory

171. The U.S.–Middle East Future: In the Face of Fatigue

172. What does a Trump or Biden presidency mean for Israel and Palestine?

173. Arabs Try to Make Sense of What is Happening in the United States

174. The Three Seas Initiative as a new model of regional cooperation in Central Europe: A Polish perspective

175. Central Europe in the new Millennium: The new Great Game?

176. Indonesia’s Foreign Policy Towards Malaysia in the Post Soeharto Era: A Case Study of Ambalat Dispute

177. Spring 2020 edition of Contemporary Eurasia

178. The Future of Chinese Foreign Economic Policy Will Challenge U.S. Interests, Part 1: The Belt-and-Road Initiative and the Middle Income Trap

179. La brecha de ciberseguridad en América Latina frente al contexto global de ciberamenazas (The Cyber Security Gap in Latin America Against the Global Context of Cyber Threats)

180. Reconsidering Russian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century

181. Remarks on Regional Security

182. Addressing Challenges Facing NATO Using Lessons Learned From Canada

183. Foreign Policy in the real world: the Obama years


185. Between Eurasia and the Middle East: Azerbaijan’s New Geopolitics

186. Against ‘the Blob’: America’s Foreign Policy in Eurasia’s Heartland is Becoming its Own Greatest Enemy

187. Eurasia, the Hegemon, and the Three Sovereigns

188. Strategic Equilibrium: Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy

189. Reassessing U.S.-Azerbaijani Relations: A Shared Imperative to Look Ahead

190. The New British Colonialism: British Policy of Influence in the Arab Gulf States after the Withdrawal (1971-1991)

191. Twitter Diplomacy in Turkey - US Relations

192. Sino-US Kashmir Policy: Analyzing The Bilateral Approach

193. Pakistan People’s Party and Foreign Policy Priorities: (2008-2013): An Analysis

194. South China Sea Dispute: China’s Role and Proposed Solutions

195. Trump’s “Deal of the Century” Is Not the Reversal of US Policy toward Israel– Palestine —The Reversal Is What We Need

196. The Significance of Targeting Soleimani

197. Strengthening the Relationship Between Embassies and U.S. Special Operations Forces: Part 1, the Current Environment

198. Strengthening the Relationship Between Embassies and U.S. Special Operations Forces: Part 2, Five USSOF–Embassy Truths

199. How Washington Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the UAE

200. The Middle East Accords: an American Perspective