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1. UNRWA Funding is Burdened with Conditionality

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4. Seeking Safer Shells: An Analysis of Interpretations, Justifications, and Rationales Behind Decisions on North Korean Defectors’ Right to Asylum

5. Revising Organ Procurement Organization Guidelines to Obtaining Family Consent for Deceased Donation: An Anthropologically Informed Policy Proposal

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13. U.S.-China Data War Intensifies as Bilateral Relations Nosedive

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16. Tackling Russian Gray Zone Approaches in the Post-Cold War Era

17. The Cold War Computer Arms Race

18. Revisiting the Global Posture Review: A New U.S. Approach to European Defense and NATO in a Post-Ukraine War World

19. Including Africa Threat Analysis in Force Design 2030

20. The Nationalization of Cybersecurity: The Potential Effects of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report on the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure