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1. East Vs. West: A New Cold War?

2. The Role of Democracy Discourse in the Emerging "New Cold War"

3. War and Peace for Moscow and Beijing

4. Deepening Suspicions and Limited Diplomacy

5. Confrontation Muted, Tensions Growing

6. China Strengthens Regional Leadership Countering US Challenges

7. US-China Effort to Set “Guardrails” Fizzles with Balloon Incident

8. China-Russia Relations: Ending the War? Or the World?

9. Japan-China Relations: A Period of Cold Peace?

10. China-Korea Relations: Kim Jong Un Tests Xi-Yoon Diplomacy

11. Tensions Intensify as Taiwan-US IT Cooperation Blossoms

12. Xi Moderates to US and Others Amid Continued Competition

13. US-India Relations: Friends with Benefits

14. Impact of economic sanctions on net commodity-producing and net commodity-consuming countries

15. The Belt and Road Initiative: Dynamics for Latin America and the Caribbean Region

16. Warnings and Welcomes: China’s Reopening and the Politics of International Travel

17. At a Dead End? China’s Drive to Reform Defense Science and Technology Institutes Stalls

18. The Clash at Tawang: Tensions Rise on the China-India Border

19. Fentanyl Precursors from China and the American Opioid Epidemic

20. After the Kabul Hotel Attack: The Taliban and China Confront Security Challenges in Afghanistan

21. Bringing Russia Back in From the Cold

22. Sino-Iranian Relations and Their Impact on South and Central Asia

23. China’s Role in Korean Security Issues

24. When only China wants to play: Institutional turmoil and Chinese investment in Brazil

25. BRICS and Global Health Diplomacy in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Situating BRICS’ diplomacy within the prevailing global health governance context

26. The Systemic Cycles of Accumulation in the Work of Giovani Arrighi: The 2008 Crisis, The End of US Hegemony and the Role of China

27. China's Contribution to the Stabilization of 'Democratic' Afghanistan

28. The “One China” Issue in U.S.-China Relations

29. Belt and Road Initiative vs. Baltic Sea Region. The perspectives of the container transport market in Poland

30. Distrust in the heartland: explaining the Eurasian “Organization Gap” through the Russo-Chinese relations

31. Dispute Resolution between the Philippines and China: Fishing Activities in the South China Sea

32. Hong Kong´s Football Rivalry With the People´s Republic Of China as a Reflection of Local Identity Evolution

33. The Indo-pacific and Southeast Asia: The Impact of External Strategies on Southeast Asia and Asean’s Response

34. Estados Unidos y África. Historia de una no-política

35. China en África: Objetivos, instrumentos e implicaciones estratégicas

36. África: Competencia y sustitución en un entorno estratégico de rivalidad. Introducción al número especial

37. Women’s Liberation in Soviet, Sino, and American State Building: Theory and Practice

38. Restarting Educational Exchanges with China after the Cultural Revolution

39. U.S. Relations With China: DACOR Conference Summary

40. U.S.-China Agricultural Dialogue in Des Moines Shows Potential for Improving Relations During a Critical Period

41. Social Credit System in the People’s Republic of China. Theoretical Assumption and Implementation

42. The Digital Asset Battlefield Between the United States and China

43. Big Power Competition in the Indian Ocean: Will Economic or Strategic Logic Prevail?

44. China Makes a Move in the Middle East: How Far Will Sino-Arab Strategic Rapprochement Go?

45. Finland and the Demise of China’s Polar Silk Road

46. An International Lifeline: Taiwan’s Parliamentary Outreach

47. Will Mass Protests Force Xi to Change Course on Zero-COVID?

48. Meloni at the Helm: What Does Italy’s New Government Mean for Sino-Italian Relations?

49. The Long Shadow of the 1962 War and the China-India Border Dispute

50. China’s Economy: More Debt than Meets the Eye

51. China Increases Support for Pakistan’s Naval Modernization with an Eye on the Indian Ocean

52. Can Beijing be Flexible on U.S. Policy?

53. The Ukraine Crisis and China-India Relations

54. Exploring the Domestic Foundations of Chinese Economic Sanctions: The Case of Australia

55. China’s Interests in Afghanistan One Year After the U.S. Withdrawal

56. The Economic Outlook for Xi’s Third Term: Mounting Challenges, Dwindling Fiscal and Monetary Options

57. All the President’s Men – Corruption in the Xi Jinping Era

58. Will the Xi Jinping Leadership Take Up Reformist Policies After the 20th Party Congress?

59. The Russia-India-China Trilateral After Ukraine: Will Beijing Take the Lead?

60. Beijing Makes a Big Long-term Bet on Nuclear Power

61. With an Eye on Tibet, China Reacts Warily to Warming U.S.-Nepal Ties

62. Security Dialogues with Chinese Characteristics

63. The Real U.S.-China 5G Contest is Just Getting Started

64. China’s Shifting Approach to Alliance Politics

65. Will the China-Pakistan Corridor Get a Boost with a New Government in Islamabad?

66. No Choice but to Lie Flat: Youth Unemployment Surges in China

67. 16 + 1: China’s Push Into Central and Eastern Europe Loses Momentum

68. Unemployment Monitoring and Early Warning: New Trends in Xinjiang’s Coercive Labor Placement Systems

69. The Enemy of My Friend Remains My Friend: China’s Ukraine Dilemma

70. China and Sri Lanka’s Debt Crisis: Belt and Road Initiative Blowback

71. Mongolia’s Currency Crisis: Made in China?

72. Another Potemkin Visit? Rethinking the UN Human Rights Chief’s Upcoming Trip to Xinjiang

73. Future Global Policeman? The Growing Extraterritorial Reach of PRC Law Enforcement

74. The Storms to Come: China and Natural Disasters

75. China’s 2022 Defense Budget: Behind the Numbers

76. China and the Ongoing Political Crisis in Pakistan

77. The Beijing Olympics in Retrospect: An Anti-Human Rights Politics Machine

78. Organized Crime on the Belt and Road

79. Why Beijing Wants the Dalai Lama to Reincarnate

80. China and Russia: Shackled to a Corpse?

81. City of Vice: Macau, Gambling, and Organized Crime in China

82. Gay in the PLA: Chinese Military Views on Homosexuals Serving in the Armed Forces

83. China and Pakistan: Strains in the All-Weather Partnership?

84. What is at Stake in China-Bhutan Boundary Negotiations?

85. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Hits Bottom in Balochistan

86. China-Lithuania Tensions Boil Over Taiwan

87. The U.S.-China Perception Gap: A Recipe for Disaster?

88. A Bitter Winter: Omicron Tests the Limits of China’s Zero-COVID Approach

89. Impact of CPEC on Pakistan’s Economic Outlook

90. Pak-China Geostrategic Interdependence: Impact on Rising Economies of Asia

91. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: News Framing in Political, Strategic, and Economic Perspectives in Print Media of Pakistan

92. The Army and Sea Control: Reconsidering Maritime Strategy in the Twenty-first Century

93. Cyberspace and Naval Power

94. The Maritime Silk Road: Concerns for U.S. National Security

95. Through the Lenses of Morality and Responsibility: BRICS, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

96. COVID-19 Implications for China's National Security

97. Towards Guanxi? Reconciling the “Relational Turn” in Western and Chinese International Relations Scholarship

98. The Geopolitical Consequences of COVID-19: Assessing Hawkish Mass Opinion in China

99. Beyond Geopolitics: A Geoeconomic Perspective of China-Iran Belt and Road Initiative Relations

100. The Geopolitical Dimensions of Chinese Infrastructure