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1. Brief Introduction on the International Impacts of the 2020 Pandemic: Contributions to a Strategic Analysis

2. The Decline of Brazil's International Influence: From An Emerging Country to an Inward-Looking State

3. Analysis of the Brazilian Crisis: Preliminary Effects on South-South Cooperation

4. Regional Stability: Brazil and the South American Defense Council

5. The US and Russian Resource Rivalry in the Context of the Contemporary Venezuelan Crisis Perils of the Rentier Petro-State

6. A Look at Taiwan's Cooperation with Paraguay (2009-2019)

7. Regions of Discord: Analyzing Subnational Influences on Chile's Foreign Trade and Investment Policy Towards The USA During Critical Events

8. Attitudes of NATO, SCO and CSTO Towards the Situation in Afghanistan After 2014

9. "Belt and Road Initiative": Challenges and Opportunities for China and for the World

10. World System Mobility: The Relevance of the Semiperiphery Concept for Development Projects in the 21st Century

11. The Poverty Trap: An Analysis of ther Contribution of Multilateral and Regional Institution to the Poor Economic and Social Performance of African Countries

12. External Actors, Good Governance and Health Care Delivery in Africa

13. Post-Trump Diplomacy Outlook

14. The Contemporary World-System: A Contribution tom the Debate on Development in the World-Systems Theory

15. Wallerstein, Arrighi, and Amin: Imperialism in Fordist Capitalism

16. The (Re)emergence of the BRICS and the Reorganization of Power in Contemporary Geopolitics

17. Geopolitics and the Constitution in Light of the Democratic Constitutional State

18. The Declining Hegemony of the United States and the Growing Influence of China: A Critical Perspective on Power Transition Transition Theory in the 21st Century

19. Locating Women in Jihad: The Case of Women in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

20. Toxic Institutions in Security Sector Reform: Lesson Learned From the Failure of Building Security Institutions in East Timor

21. Maritime Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa and its Effects in the Economy of States

22. The Strategic Efficacy of Drones for US Grand Strategy

23. The Competitive-Cooperative Triangles in International Relations: A Theoretical Contribution of Power from the Case Study of Internal and External Political Forces in South America

24. Multilateral Diplomacy: Dissents and Contrasts, Two Genebrine Cases, a Personal Testimony

25. The Spread Out Strategy of the Main Weapons Tool System of the Indonesian Air Force in the Region of the Republic of Indonesia

26. Semi-Core States: A New Category For Rethinking The Structure of Power

27. Regionalism and Security: The Case of Mercosur and the Absence of Defense Issues

28. Winds of Change and the Future of European Defence

29. Unpacking Nigerias Peace Efforts During the Second Cycle of the Liberian Conflict

30. NERINT/UFRGS: 20 Years Analyzing International Relations

31. Basic Concepts And Theories In International Peacekeeping: An Analytical Review

32. Manufacturers and Security Providers: A Conceptual Essay

33. The Salman Doctrine in Saudi Arabia's Foreign Policy: Objectives and The Use of Military Forces

34. Comparative Nuclear Policy: A Case Study of U.S. Impact on India and Brazil Programs (1946-2018)

35. China's Global Power and Development: The Made in China 2025 Policy

36. Behind the Myth of the National Bourgeoisie: A Comparative Analysis of the Developmentalist State in Brazil and South Korea

37. Trump's Deal of the Century" and the Latin American Response

38. Africa and the Threats to Its Security