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1. Making Citizens: Brazilian Social Policy from Getúlio to Lula

2. The Participation of Civil Society in Lula's Government

3. Surviving Corruption in Brazil: Lula's and Dilma's Success Despite Corruption Allegations, and Its Consequences

4. The Worker's Party, from Contention to Public Action: A Case of Institutionalization

5. Lulismo, Petismo, and the Future of Brazilian Politics

6. Pastor Paulo vs. Doctor Carlos: Professional Titles as Voting Heuristics in Brazil

7. Civil–Military Relations in Brazil: A Reassessment

8. Partisan Protesters and Nonpartisan Protests in Brazil

9. How Argentine Farmers Overpowered Monsanto: The Mobilization of Knowledge-users and Intellectual Property Regimes

10. "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Explaining Political Ambition by Electoral Success in Brazil

11. Demos-Constraining or Demos-Enabling Federalism? Political Institutions and Policy Change in Brazil

12. Pursuing Centralization amidst Decentralization: The Politics of Brazil's Innovative Response to HIV/AIDS

13. In Defense of Oral History: Evidence from the Mercosur Case

14. China and Brazil: Economic Impacts of a Growing Relationship

15. Political Appointments and Coalition Management in Brazil, 2007-2010

16. No Country for Leftists? Clientelist Continuity and the 2006 Vote in the Brazilian Northeast

17. The Institutional Feasibility of National-Local Policy Collaboration: Insights from Brazil and Argentina

18. Knowing Left From Right: Ideological Identification in Brazil, 2002-2006

19. The Ideological "Coherence" of the Brazilian Party System, 1990-2009

20. Evade, Corrupt, or Confront? Organized Crime and the State in Brazil and Mexico