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51. Toward a Viable Future for South Sudan

52. The Exile Effect: Venezuela’s Overseas Opposition and Social Media

53. Deeply Rooted: Coca Eradication and Violence in Colombia

54. The Case for More Inclusive – and More Effective – Peacemaking in Yemen

55. Southern Philippines: Keeping Normalisation on Track in the Bangsamoro

56. Ending Nigeria’s Herder-Farmer Crisis: The Livestock Reform Plan

57. Myanmar’s Military Struggles to Control the Virtual Battlefield

58. The Risks of a Rigged Election in Nicaragua

59. Libya Turns the Page

60. Turkey-Greece: From Maritime Brinkmanship to Dialogue

61. Electoral Violence and Illicit Influence in Mexico’s Hot Land

62. Post-war Prospects for Nagorno-Karabakh

63. Stemming the Insurrection in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado

64. The Pandemic Strikes: Responding to Colombia’s Mass Protests

65. Iraq’s Tishreen Uprising: From Barricades to Ballot Box

66. Iran: The Riddle of Raisi

67. Beyond Business as Usual in Israel-Palestine

68. A Time for Talks: Toward Dialogue between the Gulf Arab States and Iran

69. Overkill: Reforming the Legal Basis for the U.S. War on Terror

70. Oil or Nothing: Dealing with South Sudan’s Bleeding Finances

71. Relaunching Negotiations over Western Sahara

72. Managing Lebanon’s Compounding Crises

73. A Broken Canopy: Deforestation and Conflict in Colombia

74. Syria: Shoring Up Raqqa’s Shaky Recovery

75. Competing Visions of International Order in the South China Sea

76. A Fight by Other Means: Keeping the Peace with Colombia’s FARC

77. The Philippines’ Dilemma: How to Manage Tensions in the South China Sea

78. Beyond Emergency Relief: Averting Afghanistan’s Humanitarian Catastrophe

79. Vietnam Tacks Between Cooperation and Struggle in the South China Sea

80. Mali: Enabling Dialogue with the Jihadist Coalition JNIM

81. Identity Crisis: Ethnicity and Conflict in Myanmar

82. Peace in Ukraine (III): The Costs of War in Donbas

83. Leaders under Fire: Defending Colombia’s Front Line of Peace

84. The U.S. Presidential Election: Managing the Risks of Violence

85. How Europe Can Help Lebanon Overcome Its Economic Implosion

86. Virus-proof Violence: Crime and COVID-19 in Mexico and the Northern Triangle

87. All That Glitters is Not Gold: Turmoil in Zimbabwe’s Mining Sector

88. Easing Cameroon’s Ethno-political Tensions, On and Offline

89. Disorder on the Border: Keeping the Peace between Colombia and Venezuela

90. Venezuela: What Lies Ahead after Election Clinches Maduro’s Clean Sweep

91. Preventing a Bloody Harvest on the Armenia-Azerbaijan State Border

92. Peace in Ukraine (II): A New Approach to Disengagement

93. Raising the Stakes in Jammu and Kashmir

94. Taking Stock of the Taliban’s Perspectives on Peace

95. Iran: The U.S. Brings Maximum Pressure to the UN

96. Calibrating the Response: Turkey’s ISIS Returnees

97. Rethinking Peace in Yemen

98. Miracle or Mirage? Gangs and Plunging Violence in El Salvador

99. Ending the Dangerous Standoff in Southern Somalia

100. How to Shield Education from Al-Shabaab in Kenya’s North East