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1. Ties without Strings? Rebuilding Relations between Colombia and Venezuela

2. Stop Fighting Blind: Better Use-of-Force Oversight in the U.S. Congress

3. A Remedy for El Salvador’s Prison Fever

4. Trapped in Conflict: Reforming Military Strategy to Save Lives in Colombia

5. A New Era of Sectarian Violence in Pakistan

6. Realigning European Policy toward Palestine with Ground Realities

7. Afghanistan’s Security Challenges under the Taliban

8. Hard Times in a Safe Haven: Protecting Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia

9. Containing a Resilient ISIS in Central and North-eastern Syria

10. Managing the Risks of Instability in the Western Balkans

11. Considering Political Engagement with Al-Shabaab in Somalia

12. Avoiding a Return to War in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

13. Iraq: Stabilising the Contested District of Sinjar

14. Risky Competition: Strengthening U.S.-China Crisis Management

15. Syria: Ruling over Aleppo’s Ruins

16. Truce Test: The Huthis and Yemen’s War of Narratives

17. Managing Vigilantism in Nigeria: A Near-term Necessity

18. Saïed’s Tunisia: Promoting Dialogue and Fixing the Economy to Ease Tensions

19. Addressing Islamist Militancy in the Southern Philippines

20. Rebels, Victims, Peacebuilders: Women in Cameroon’s Anglophone Conflict

21. Southern Philippines: Fostering an Inclusive Bangsamoro

22. Overcoming the Global Rift on Venezuela

23. Women and Peacebuilding in Pakistan’s North West

24. Pakistan’s Hard Policy Choices in Afghanistan

25. Brokering a Ceasefire in Yemen’s Economic Conflict

26. The Iran Nuclear Deal at Six: Now or Never

27. Myanmar’s Coup Shakes Up Its Ethnic Conflicts

28. Mali: Enabling Dialogue with the Jihadist Coalition JNIM

29. Vietnam Tacks Between Cooperation and Struggle in the South China Sea

30. Beyond Emergency Relief: Averting Afghanistan’s Humanitarian Catastrophe

31. A Fight by Other Means: Keeping the Peace with Colombia’s FARC

32. Competing Visions of International Order in the South China Sea

33. Syria: Shoring Up Raqqa’s Shaky Recovery

34. A Broken Canopy: Deforestation and Conflict in Colombia

35. Managing Lebanon’s Compounding Crises

36. Relaunching Negotiations over Western Sahara

37. Oil or Nothing: Dealing with South Sudan’s Bleeding Finances

38. Overkill: Reforming the Legal Basis for the U.S. War on Terror

39. A Time for Talks: Toward Dialogue between the Gulf Arab States and Ira

40. Beyond Business as Usual in Israel-Palestine

41. Iran: The Riddle of Raisi

42. Iraq’s Tishreen Uprising: From Barricades to Ballot Box

43. The Pandemic Strikes: Responding to Colombia’s Mass Protests

44. Stemming the Insurrection in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado

45. Turkey-Greece: From Maritime Brinkmanship to Dialogue

46. The Risks of a Rigged Election in Nicaragua

47. How to Spend It: New EU Funding for African Peace and Security

48. The Iran Nuclear Deal at Five: A Revival?

49. Relaunching the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

50. A Course Correction for the Sahel Stabilisation Strategy