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  • Author: Avner Gvaryahu, Daniel Seidemann, Celine Touboul, Bashar Azzeh
  • Publication Date: 10-2019
  • Content Type: Video
  • Institution: Middle East Institute (MEI)
  • Abstract: While some corners of Washington and the international community are waking up to the reality of Israel's de facto annexation of Palestinian land in the West Bank and recurrent crisis in Gaza, few policymakers understand how the policies that have created this brutal and often tedious reality look like on the ground. This panel of seasoned Israeli experts will untangle the mess of occupation and annexation facing Palestinians living in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, as well as the decisions required to address Gaza’s chronic problems.
  • Topic: Foreign Policy, Occupation, Annexation
  • Political Geography: Middle East, Israel, Palestine, Jerusalem, Gaza, West Bank
  • Author: Omar Baddar, Rula Kort Bawardi, Nizar Farsakh, Muna Shikaki
  • Publication Date: 06-2018
  • Content Type: Video
  • Institution: Middle East Institute (MEI)
  • Abstract: The American public and policymaking circles all too often reduce the “Palestinian perspective” to a single, monolithic viewpoint, both in terms of historical experience and yearning for the future. The oversimplification glosses over key complexities that directly result in a varying answers to the question “what do Palestinians want?”. This reduction of the Palestinian perspective contributes to a distortion in how the American policy world, as well as public, view Palestinians. The panelists explore the multiplicity of Palestinian perspectives and narratives looking back on the events since 1948 and looking forward on the future of the Palestinian people.
  • Topic: Foreign Policy, Politics, History, Self Determination
  • Political Geography: Middle East, Palestine